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Pruners / Loppers / Pruners ► 2/4-Stroke | Electric 230V | Battery-powered | Pneumatic

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Pruner: 2/4-stroke, electric, battery-powered or pneumatic


Pruner: which is the best?

In this category you can find all Pruners: petrol, electric, battery-powered and pneumatic by the world's largest manufacturers. Choosing the best pruner for your needs may seem complicated, given the wide product range. That is why AgriEuro offers its experience, using advanced filters to make your choice easier. This way, once selected the desired fundamental features, the user can narrow down the choice to a few models.

We have a wide range of pruners, the most varied selection of brands and types that you can find online.

Pruner: what are the main models?

We can divide the pruners in 5 different categories:

  • 2/4-stroke pruners:

    Thanks to their modern engines, these products develop a power of more than 1 HP and they are suitable for demanding and continuous jobs.2/4-stroke pruners can be mounted on telescopic poles up to over 4 m long, allowing the pruning of plants over 5 m high.

  • Electric pruners:

    These chain loppers are light and user-friendly tools, ideal for small pruning jobs. Equipped with fixed or telescopic pole, they allow you to make cuts up to over 4 meters in height. They require electricity for working, so they are not suitable for outdoor jobs.

  • Battery-powered pruners:

    This type of electric pruners uses battery power and it does not require electricity, being a more versatile tool than electric pruners. Their limited power, lightness and ease of use make them suitable for small pruning jobs in gardens, on hedges and for domestic use.

  • Pneumatic pruners:

    This category includes all compressed air chain saws powered by a compressor or motor-compressor. Pneumatic pruners are mostly used by professionals, very light since motor-free, they can be used both with direct handle and mounted on telescopic poles.

  • Multifunctional pruners:

    Equipped with a wide range of accessories, these tools are the most versatile machines of the entire range. Depeding on the accessory, multifunctional pruners can become brush cutters, hedge trimmers and edge strimmers, suiting to your needs. They are mostly powered by powerful petrol engines; AgriEuro also offers a GeoTech multifunctional electric pruner with excellent value for money.

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