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Tractor-mounted Land Rollers - Land Rollers from 150 to 180 cm

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Tractor-mounted Rear Land Rollers

Land Roller

Tractor-mounted Land Rollers: why to purchase them?

Land rollers are intended for agricultural operations, soil maintenance and gardening.

The compact land roller is designed for compacting the soil around the seed during sowing, or simply smooth out the soil after tilling.

However, the advantage of this land roller consists of its dual use: thanks to the towing attachment supplied, further to the three-point hitch, it is possible to transport the roller with other vehicles other than the tractor.

Tractor-mounted Land Rollers: which one to choose?

Our catalogue includes two types of tractor-mounted land rollers according to your working needs:

Soil Rolling in agriculture:

Rolling is the tilling of the soil that is generally carried out before or after sowing.
A standard operation for the final preparation of the seed bed. It is carried out with a pressure roller that exerts pressure on the tilled soil.

What are its advantages?

Soil rolling is a delicate operation, which should only be carried out if necessary in soils with a low moisture content, so that the clods can break up easily.
Furthermore, the roller used must not be too heavy, as it could excessively settle the particles of the soil, counteracting the proper expansion of the roots.
However, if correctly performed, it can confer the soil a great number of benefits, such as:

  • Lower permeability
  • Lower porosity
  • Greater amount of carbon dioxide
  • Less amount of air

Soil Rolling in gardening:

Further to agriculture, soil rolling can also be used for small-scale turf and gardens.
It allows better soil compaction and improves the turf consistency.
The best time to perform it is in spring, in order to create an optimal environment for the grass to recover.
Other purposes of lawn rolling are:

  • Better soil compression on the surface layer, so that the seeds adhere better.
  • Breaking up surface soil clods, and thus making it more homogeneous.
  • If performed after tilling, it also results in a more compact and even-looking lawn.

What types of tractor-mounted rear land rollers are on the market?

In order to meet the needs of all customers, the market includes the following land roller types:

  • Smooth-surface rollers: Usually made of sheet metal and characterised by closed holes where could deposit stones and other materials.
  • Rollers with toothed surface: They are fitted with small metal rings, to which side spikes are attached.
    These allow the roller to better clean the soil during operation.

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