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Respiratory Protective Equipment

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Respiratory Protective Equipment

Respiratory Protective Equipment

This category includes different personal protective equipment, also called PPE, suitable for use in agriculture, gardening, painting and sandblasting.

But what exactly is meant by PPE?
Personal protective equipment refers to the equipment that workers use to protect themselves from the several risks they may incur at work.
The category includes helmet respirators, masks, half-masks and full masks.
However, as already said, there are different types of PPE, from gloves to suits, from masks to protective footwear.


This category includes 2 sub-categories: full masks and half-masks.
The former protect the whole face, preventing the direct contact with eventual fumes or substances with eyes, nose and mouth.
Half-masks, on the other hand, only protect airways and must be combined with other accessories intended for exposed areas, such as the head or forehead.

Respirator helmet and different filters

The respirator helmet, on the other hand, ensures a total protection to head, face, ears and neck, allowing easy breathing even when under stress.
The operating principle is based on a change of air inside the helmet, produced by an electric motor that direct the air in a filtering system.
This leads to accessories related to respirator helmets, namely filters.
The choice of a suitable filter is also very important to guarantee the Operator’s full safety while working; this varies depending on the type of mask worn and the characteristics of the substance to which one is exposed during operations.

What are the requirements for PPE?

The manufacture and marketing of protective equipment is regulated by legislative decree 475/92 and subsequent, which include the following requirements:

  • The CE marking;
  • The presence of simple and clear instructions about its use;
  • The adequacy of the PPE to the precise risk to be prevented;
  • The suitability of the PPE to the ergonomic needs of the Operator;

How to decontaminate and store the PPE:

PPE must be stored strictly according to the instructions given, in a clean and dry environment.
Let us now see how to clean up protective equipment in case of accidental contamination during operations.

  • Helmet and masks: They should be removed and washed, generally with soap and water unless otherwise indicated.
  • Gloves, boots and goggles: All these devices should be washed thoroughly and meticulously with soap and water, preferably, boots should be washed while they are still on, while gloves should be taken off at the same time;
  • Single-use and reusable suits: For reusable suits, cleaning instructions are contained in the garment's information notes, while single-use suits, as the name suggests, can only be worn once and then properly disposed of.

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