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HOME Irrigation treatments Electric Pumps for Garden and Home Use

Electric Pumps for Garden Irrigation and Home Use ► Self-priming Garden Pumps ► Autoclave Pumps for Service Water

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Electric pumps for garden use are practical and efficient machines for small domestic irrigation or home water supply. It can also work using other sources, such as cisterns for rainwater collection or natural water basins.

Electric pumps are amateur tools , ideal for non-intensive irrigation of gardens and vegetable gardens. Since they can use rainwater, these models will avoid wasting water and allow significant savings on domestic water consumption. For heavy-duty or industrial use, we recommend choosing other products.

What are the main types for electric pumps for home use?

We can divide this category in self-priming electric pumps and autoclave electric pumps.

Self-priming electric pumps are surface electric pumps used for garden irrigation or domestic water supply. To work, these tools need the suction hose to be filled with water.
In fact, before the pump starts working, the hoses are filled with water, but the liquid pushes the latter outwards and this operation is called priming.

Autoclave electric pumps automatically pump water everywhere in your home, guaranteeing significant savings for your family. Basicallly, the autoclave consists of a system whose task is to increase the pressure of the drinking water, so that it is higher than the pressure present within the local distribution system.
These pumps are used in many apartment buildings, especially when water supplied by public networks does not have high pressure. This tool allows you to obtain low-cost service water at home using alternative sources such as cisterns or barrels.

How can you choose the electric pump that best suits your needs?

Here is a QUICK BUYING GUIDE for our range of electric pumps for garden use, to choose, in a few simple steps, the perfect model for your needs. Our models electric pumps with single-phase motor by the best brands on the market, such as KARCHER and LAVOR.
These electric pumps for irrigation use alternative sources such as cisterns or natural basins. Many of these models also allow to supply water for your home. 
We will show you how to best use the FILTERS below left, thanks to which it is easy to quickly select the products. Each one features different options.
The first two filters, BRAND and PRICE, are entirely up to you, so let's focus on the more technical ones.

  • The first thing to consider is the PRODUCT LEVEL: the frequency with which you are going to use your pump is very important, since our models are mainly suitable for amateur use.
  • MAX FLOW RATE: this filter is very important, it indicates how many litres of water the pump can handle. It indicates the machine performance, its power and effectiveness.
  • MAX HEAD LIFT: head lift indicates the distance that the flow rate can cover.
  • MAX SUCTION DEPTH: our electric pumps for garden use can draw water from water sources even from a height of 7 or 8 metres. This information is very importante for the versatility of these machines.
  • ABSORBED POWER: it indicates the motor power expressed in watts.

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