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Petrol Trenchers

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Petrol Trencher

Garden trencher

When there is a need to create a dig for an irrigation ditch, or to bury something, whether for private or professional use, the garden trencher, becomes an indispensable tool.
It is an expensive piece of machinery, but essential to operate directly on the ground in an efficient way, digging fairly deep irrigation ditches easily and with no effort.
In addition, its digging chain does not damage the soil and allows to create channels for large-scale irrigation system.

In recent years, in fact, the use of trenchers to create irrigation channels has made it possible to optimise the time needed for the installation of underground utilities and pipelines.
Thanks to a single handle, it is possible to choose up to four handlebar heights, which will also adjust the digging depth of the trencher.

These machines are characterised by low speeds and high torque, which guarantee optimal penetration into the ground and reduced wear on the chain at the same time.

What exactly is a garden trencher for?

The garden trencher is an agricultural machine whose function is digging small ditches on the ground, such as those useful for the burial of underground irrigation systems.

Most of the time, this machine is operated to create grooves to fit pipes, underground systems and electric cables, and it is also employed in the construction sector, but not only: it finds its purpose of use also in the private sector, as it lends itself very well to use in gardens and driveways.

How does it work?

Although it is a machine of complex construction, its operation is rather simple and intuitive.
The digging chain with blades lowers towards the ground and it starts to rotate to dig a ditch on the ground, it is conceptually similar to the mechanism that operates a chainsaw.

How to choose a trencher for excavations

There are some elements to assess before choosing a garden trencher, here are some:

  • Digging depth: it can be easily adjusted according to personal needs. Its setting is carried out by means of a lever, which allows to choose among the different levels of depth available.
  • Digging width: The working width is defined by the size of the bar with the chain and defines how wide the ditch to be made will be.
  • Chain, blades and auger: Perhaps the most important components of the machine, because it is the one which performs the most wearing operations.
    The blades are generally built in carbide alloy, which does not suffer deformation even when it hits very hard stones. Their function is to dig and move other material and can be of two types: standard and with auger function.
    The first types are the most common and allow to carry out all kinds of operation, while the second ones are used to move large amounts of material.
  • Engine and power: Trenchers almost always mount 4-stroke engines which deliver great power expressed in horsepower and are able to dig ditches even in the hardest and most difficult soils.

Our online catalogue offers two models of trenchers for irrigation ditches that boast an excellent value for money and differ mainly for the engine fitted: Loncin (imported engine) or Briggs&Stratton (American engine); these are both high performing engines which guarantee great reliability.

The manufacturing brands for this type of machines are:Blackstone and GreenBay.

In conclusion, the petrol trencher is a useful piece of machinery for all operations that involve moving and shifting a large amount of earth, creating deep and precise ditches and channels quicly and efficiently.

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