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Ash Vacuum Cleaners | Ash Vacuums and Multi Tool Ash Vacuum Cleaners

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Ash Vacuum Cleaners 


What makes ash vacuum cleaners different from other vacuum cleaners?

Ash vacuum cleaners are a variety of drum vacuum cleaners, designed to clean fireplaces, stoves, pellet stoves, grills and wood-fired ovens, vacuuming ashes and debris up to certain temperatures. The most common mistake is to think that a fireplace or stove can be cleaned using drum vacuum cleaners or regular vacuum cleaners.

This not only makes work longer and more difficult, but risks damaging the vacuum cleaner, impairing its efficiency. Dust and ash are in fact very different: ash is a particular type of dust, thinner yet heavier, whose particles are too small to be blocked by the filter of a regular vacuum cleaner. The greatest risk is clogging and the subsequent breakage of the machine. Ash vacuum cleaners are made of fireproof material, so they can capture ashes and combustion debris through special filters.

The metal drum of these ash vacuum cleaners, as well as withstanding high temperatures, it is also resistant to impact and wear over time, making these small machines more durable and less likely to accidentally break. With an average weight under 5 kg, ash vacuum cleaners are very lightweight and easy to transport, move and lift, also thanks to their handle and wheels, depending on the model. The crevice tool and lance allow you to reach the narrowest and most hidden parts of your fireplace, conveniently and without too much effort.

Some models of ash vacuum cleaners are equipped with convenient filter shaker systems, to clean the filter without opening the drum for routine maintenance. This convenient and useful system quickly removes the ash and dust, avoiding motor overload and filter clogging.

Electric or battery-powered ash vacuum cleaner: which to choose?

Most ash vacuum cleaners for fireplace or pellet stove on the market feature an electric motor. It is the active part of the machine, the part that enables it to function correctly and vacuum air. Electric ash vacuum cleaners are very popular in private homes for fireplace cleaning, thanks to the convenience of the power socket connection. These machines differ for the drum size and, consequently, the amount of residue it can contain before you have to empty it. You can choose between:

Our catalogue also includes some models of multifunctional electric ash vacuum cleaners, suitable to clean many different surfaces, switching from ash vacuum cleaner to vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaner or blower.

Besides regular ash vacuum cleaners with electric motor, there is a category for anyone seeking an even lighter and more immediate machine to carry out cleaning operations even without electricity: battery-powered ash vacuum cleaners, which thanks to the rechargeable battery have a good running time.

Different filters for different types of ash

Ash vacuum cleaners for fireplaces or pellet stoves on the market have different types of filters, designed to vacuuming combustion debris at different times. In fact, some filters can vacuum the ash when it is already cold, while others are designed to do the same for hot ash.

Cold ash is usually below 40° C. This is the most common type of filter, often made of non-metallic material. Ash vacuum cleaners fitted with it are generally the most affordable on the market. They work very well as long as the recommended temperatures are respected.

Instead, hot ash has a temperature between 30 and 50 degrees. The filter for hot ash is especially useful if you need to immediately clean your fireplace, without waiting for the ash to cool down. These filters usually have metal body and fireproof mesh, capturing ash over 30 degrees without being damaged. However, using ash vacuum cleaners with ashes still burning is not recommended.

What are the best brands?

Our catalogue includes leading ash vacuum cleaner manufacturers. As for many other products, a serious, well-known and trusted brand means choosing quality and safety. If you are looking for an ash vacuum cleaner for pellet stoves, fireplaces or wood-fired ovens, we recommend the following brands:

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