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Fruit presses

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Fruit presses

Pressa per Frutta Pneumatica

The category of fruit presses includes machinery useful for processing fruit and vegetables, from which the juice can then be extracted, such as

  • Pneumatic fruit presses;
  • Fruit hydro presses;
  • Fruit and vegetable screw presses;
  • Presses.

All these machines have more or less the same function, i.e. to squeeze fruit and vegetables to obtain their juice, what differentiates them, however, are the methods by which they work:

Our catalogue includes:

  • The pneumatic fruit presses are ideal for quick and easy production of wine, cider and juices through cold pressing of fruit and vegetables.
    These presses use the air pressure of a compressor, thanks to this pressure, the product is pressed against a membrane, which inflates and compresses the food against perforated walls that in turn filter the resulting liquid.
  • Le fruit hydropresses allow juice to be extracted from apples, grapes and fruit.
    As the name suggests, they use water pressure to press foodstuffs and quickly extract cider and juice with a very high yield.
  • Ifruit and vegetable screw presses are manual fruit-pressing machines that utilise the action of a manually operated press.
    As the only caution, it is important that the food you process does not contain stones.
  • Infine i presses, smaller machines than the manual fruit presses, with which they are similar in working method and whose only difference is that they squeeze a smaller quantity of fruit and vegetables.

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