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Sprayer pump | Sprayer - shoulder, backpack, trolley - manual, battery-powered or 2/4-stroke

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Backpack sprayer pumps (backpack or shoulder strap):

Backpack sprayer pump;

Backpack sprayer pump: what is its function?

The backpack sprayer pump is designed for the spraying work in agriculture as treatment with pesticides, chemical weed control and for the distribution of liquid fertilizer in solution.

The shoulder pumps are suitable for greenhouses spraying treatments, gardens, flower beds and vegetables gardens and for the disinfection of both open and closed environments.
The choice between an electric pump sprayer or spark ignition one is mainly in the use that user has to do: spark ignition allows very long working autonomy allowing you to work without interruption for many hours at a time.

For those who have large surfaces to be treated and particular needs, the battery-powered backpack pump is the most convenient, both from an economic point of view and from the point of view of convenience and ease of use.
The battery-powered backpack sprayer pump allows in fact to carry out a much more even spraying work of any manual pump with a lightness and versatility unmatched by a pump with 2/4-stroke engine.
Micronizers are innovative machines that enable to spread undiluted herbicide on precise spots in areas that otherwise would be impossible to reach with traditional tools.

Spraying pump: choose the right one for you

In the knapsack sprayer pump for weed control category we distinguish four sub-categories to help you select the shoulder sprayers more suited to different needs, in particular you will find:

  • Shoulder / Hand Portable (battery operated): These models of battery-powered manual sprayers have been designed for small crops or for individual plants that require a fungicide or herbicide treatment. We have portable battery powered sprayers, equipped with rechargeable lithium battery. The sprayer pumps we offer are light and powerful.
  • Shoulder (backpack) : In turn divided into categories manual pump, battery-powered pump and spark ignition pumps
  • Shoulder sprayer pump + trolley.
  • Micronizers for weed control (battery-powered): Micronizers for weeding electric battery-powered are machines that allow the open field treatment of herbicides. Thanks to a special system, patented Volpi, the electrical micronizers in this category are able to treat a large amount of land with the minimum amount of product.
    This innovative system allows a single operator to cover the same surface at the same time in which 3 people use the backpack sprayer pump system.
    The micronizing, thanks to the possibility to use a pure herbicide product, are particularly suitable for the treatment in inaccessible areas, thanks to the overall lightness of the machine.

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