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Tractor-mounted Flail Mowers

Rough Cut Mower - Tractor-mounted Flail Mower

Flail Mower: what is its function?

The tractor-mounted flail mower is the classic tool used by all farmers and amateurs to remove wild herbs, plant debris and brambles from fields, olive groves or vineyards.

This tractor tool is characterised by its efficiency in cutting and shredding all types of shrubs, even those deeply rooted in the ground, resulting in a clean and homogeneous soil. The organic material produced by the machine shredding operation, as it decomposes, will become a useful fertiliser.

This machine's ability to remove any excess shrub has led it to establish itself on the market under different names, but all referring to the same product: shredder, rough cut mower, stalk chopper, stalk crusher, mulcher, or more simply, tractor flail mower. This is very useful information to know so that there is no doubt about the tool's nature when purchasing it.

The importance of its use in the agricultural sector, makes the tractor shredder an extremely popular agricultural machine, also thanks to the simplicity of connection to the tractor’s PTO shaft. There are many models on the market, distinguished by their intended use.

Stalk Choppers: what are the types to choose from?

Tractor flail mowers are divided into many different categories based on two main characteristics:

  • Heaviness (Light, Medium, Heavy)
  • Linkage to the Tractor (Fixed hitch, side shift, hydraulic shift)

The various categories in our catalogue allow you to choose the most suitable type of flail mower according to the work to be carried out:

  • rear tractor flail mowers: they can be fixed or mobile. The machine works in a horizontal position, placed behind the tractor.
  • reversible flail mowers: the term refers to stalk crushers equipped with front and rear double PTO.
    This type of machines are specifically designed for being connected to tractors with a reversible driving or fitted with front linkage.
    In frontal position, in fact, the flail mower can be easily controlled for precision maneuvers and it’s clearly visible to the operator during working.
  • side flail mowers with arm: it’s a tractor stalk crusher equipped with hydraulic pantograph arm .
    It provides a double working angle, horizontal and vertical, as well as many other adjustments which let it to extend beyond the tractor’s profile.
  • tractor flail mowers with grass collector. 
  • flail mower with inter-row disc: A special tractor-mounted flail mower, with a special disc that cuts weeds close to logs and other obstacles.

The different types of cuts

There are three different types of tools that can be mounted on the flail mowers:

  • The hammer flails are usually preferred for shredding pruning, undergrowth etc. This is the tool most used by the stalk shredder.
  • Knives, compared to hammers, will have a harder time shredding large branches, because they have a lower mass. It should be pointed out that the knives are a light cutting tool, and will therefore be present on the light series flail mowers, whereas as the weight of the shredders increases, it will be necessary to mount cutting tools with a greater mass. This explains why hammers are the most popular cutting tools, as they perform a cleaner and more uniform cut than knives.
  • The toothed hammers represent a real peculiarity, proving suitable to be mounted only on very heavy mulchers. They are usually suitable for large pruning operations and, compared to other tools, are less affected by small stones in the ground, since they manage to crush them quite easily.

Other technical features of the flail mower 

The transmission belt transfers the motion of the drive shaft from the gearbox group to the rotor and has a double function:

  • it transmits the motion and protects the shredder from overloads.
  • it multiplies the PTO number of revolutions to give speed to the rotor.

It basically acts as a shock absorber and, if there is an overload on the machine due to impact with foreign objects or uneven ground, the belts tend to slip in order to avoid damage to the belts themselves and to the flail mower in which they are mounted.
The number of belts on the machine varies according to the weight of the machine:

  • Light series Flail mower 2 Belts
  • Medium series Flail mower 3 Belts 
  • Heavy series Flail mower 4 Belts

The most common stabilisation attachments on flail mowers are essentially the following:

  1. Adjustable rear support roller
  2. Side supporting skids
  3. Series of sturdy front protection slaps, generally made of steel


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