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Barbecues - BBQs

Barbecue - Bbq

Barbecue - BBQ: why is it so popular?

The term barbecue comes from the Spanish "barbacoa", which refers to a cooking technique used by the Taino, an indigenous population of the Caribbean islands. The roasting of food using embers has since spread throughout the Western world, with countless variations according to different socio-cultural contexts.

Over time, cooking techniques have also evolved and the ability to cook meat has greatly improved man’s diet. Today, the barbecue is one of the most appreciated tools for cooking meat, fish and vegetables. In fact, the contribution that a BBQ can provide is significant in order to better appreciate the aromas of food.

What are the main types of barbecue to choose from?

  • Gas grills are one of the the most common and popular choices. This is due to the fact that the gas grill is easy and practical to use, making it the ideal solution when there is no open space available to place it. In fact, the gas grill is regarded as the best alternative to the classic wood-fired barbecue, but with much less smoke production.

  • Charcoal barbecues have the same features as wood-fired models, but they are fuelled by charcoal. These models, particularly popular in the United States, provide a large degree of versatility. The charcoal, on the other hand, has a very low cost and can be found in any supermarket.
    Charcoal BBQs come with a large number of accessories that can be purchased separately. Particularly useful, among the available accessories, is the charcoal chimney starter that allows for an easy ignition of the charcoal, or the electric spit roaster.

  • Wood-fired barbecues are the most traditional and most popular with grilled meat lovers, but they are also the least practical models, requiring more attention right from the preparation stage. These tools are made of heavy sheet metal to prevent deformation caused by the high temperatures reached during ignition.
    Wood-fired BBQs consist of a combustion chamber reserved for firewood, and a cooking surface of various sizes depending on the model. Some of these barbecues come in various configurations and with several types of accessories, some of which are included as standard, such as a spit roaster holder, rotating grid and wheels for transportation.

  • Wood pellet grills are characterised mainly by the fact that the grid can be heated very quickly with a small amount of pellets, but also by the high heat resistance of the cooking surface. Furthermore, unlike wood, pellets are easy to procure but also easy to dispose of, releasing ash residues that are turned into dust.
    The wood pellet grill is equipped with at least one auger into which the special type of fuel is to be placed. An auger takes only the quantity of pellets required to reach the temperature set in the control panel and deposits them in the brazier. The ventilation system browns food by heat convention (indirect cooking), evenly and at a constant temperature.

  • Electric grills are the most practical way to grill meat if there is no garden available. With the electric grill you can cook tasty grilled meat without creating that annoying smoke that can disturb the neighborhood. In addition, electric grills are generally quite small in size so they can be easily stored in any corner of the house without taking up space.

Which are the most important brands?

The catalogue features leading brand names in barbecue manufacturing. Just as with other types of product, choosing a serious, well-known and trusted brand means going for quality and safety. The brands to keep in mind when choosing a BBQ are:

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