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Spiral Mixers 

Impastatrici a spirale

Heavy-duty spiral mixers: which is the best?

Spiral mixers were originally heavy-duty machines used to mix flour with water, yeast and other ingredients to prepare the desired dough, perfect for bread, pizza and pastry doughs both for domestic use and for activities in need of a heavy-duty dough mixer. You can choose the product that best suits your needs using the advanced filters available in this category.


Main categories available

Spiral mixers can be classified based on their working capacity in kg and the type of power supply:

  • Small and medium spiral mixers: with a working capacity from 5 kg to 12 kg, they are mainly intended for domestic use although they have the same quality and functionality of larger dough mixers
  • Heavy-duty single-phase spiral mixers: they have a working capacity from 18 kg to 50 kg and they are mainly suitable for more demanding jobs thanks to a larger bowl and a more powerful motor for those using a normal 220 V current
  • Heavy-duty three-phase spiral mixers: same capacity as single-phase machines, the products in this category need a 400 V power supply, which makes them suitable for professional use
  • Heavy-duty spiral mixers with two-speed three-phase motor: these industrial dough mixers allow you to choose between two mixing speeds, depending on your needs.

Further distinction can be made between:

  • Fixed head spiral mixers: these products can be 220V single-phase or 400 V three-phase, suitable for both domestic and professional use, featuring one or two speeds. The powder coating is safe and durable and, together with the bowl, makes them suitable for professional and intensive use.
  • Tilting head spiral mixers: these models, besides the above mentioned features of fixed head mixers, also have some features specific of heavy-duty dough mixers such as the timer, tilting head and removable bowl. All dough mixers with tilting head feature a fully inox stainless steel breaker bar, whose function is to stretch the dough. The tilting head is equipped with a gas lifting piston and safety microswitch to avoid accidental starting when the head is lifted. The removable bowl instead makes these models very convenient for transporting and unloading the dough on the work surface, as well as to ease cleaning once finished.
  • High-hydration spiral mixer: these machines work with high-hydration doughs up to 85%  thanks to features such as greater spiral speed and bowl size, speed selector and reverse spiral rotation. Ideal for those who need a "lighter", high-hydrated dough that rises slowly. These models are gaining popularity over time for their functionality and comfort of use.

Our offer would not be complete without the planetary spiral mixers for home use, mainly used for domestic preparations, user-friendly and robust, suitable for effortless long preparations.


Operating modes

As already mentioned, spiral mixers can feature one or two speeds. In two-speed mixers, the machine uses the first speed to better collect the flour in the bowl, helping the glutinic mesh to form. The second speed helps the dough to dry, so as to save time. The rotating bowls made of food-grade inox stainless steel help to mix the dough. The spiral, which is rotating as well, wraps around the dough to stretch it. This double rotation keeps the dough constantly moving to better stretch it. The bowl is hinged to the machine body and operated by a belt that guarantees quietness and reliability.

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