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Meat Slicers


What is a meat slicer?

Meat slicers are machines to cut different types of food, cold cuts and ham in particular. They can quickly and precisely cut large amounts of food thanks to their rotating blade. Meat slicers work thanks to a practical carriage which slides on a guide towards the blade, which slices the food.

Besides heavy-duty use, meat slicers are also suitable for home use. You can find machines for occasional use, with smaller blades and more compact design. Moreover, home meat slicers are usually smaller than heavy-duty machines, so as to save space in your kitchen.

Electric or flywheel meat slicers: what is the difference?

  • Hand-operated meat slicers are the oldest on the market. Also known as flywheel meat slicers, they are ideal for basements or places without power sockets. In fact, these models are hand-operated thanks to the flywheel, a wheel equipped with a knob which allows you both to make the carriage slide and to activate the blade. Their vintage design makes them really aesthetically pleasing, but hand-operated meat slicers are very cumbersome and, obviously, not recommended for intensive use. These meat slicers are suitable for companies seeking niche products, to cut food without affecting its organoleptic qualities.
  • Electric meat slicers are the most popular for their ease of use and above all their working speed. Their mechanism is very simple: they are powered by an electric motor connected to a power socket, which allows the blade to rotate automatically at a stable speed.

How important is the motor power in a meat slicer?

The motor power of a meat slicer is fundamental to choose a machine with good performance. It goes without saying that the more powerful the meat slicer, the more efficient it will be, both in terms of cutting quality and ease of use. This because the power directly influences the rotating speed of the blade: the higher the speed of rotation, the faster and more efficient the cut will be.

It is then fundamental to know the type of use of the meat slicer and choose an adecuate machine. In addition to influencing the performance of the machine, the motor power also has a significant impact on consumption. Usually, a good heavy-duty meat slicer should have a power between 150 W and 220 W, while for home use it is sufficient a machine under 150 W, but still over 100 W.

Different blades for different needs

Another important thing to consider while choosing a meat slicer is the blade. There are different types of blade, which have larger or smaller diameter. The right blade diameter depends on the type of food you need to cut. Of course, a large blade, built to cut thicker food, will need enough motor power to provide good performance.

Our catalogue includes electric meat slicers grouped by blade size:


The importance of construction materials of a meat slicer concerns all its components: the blade, base and back plate.

A good blade should be resistant to corrosion and guarantee prolonged sharpening use after use. Meat slicers with stainless steel, anodised or chrome-plated steel blade are top-range, designed to withstand higher workloads and more complex cuts. Hardened steel blades, more affordable compared to stainless steel but still reliable and resistant, are featured by most electric meat slicer models, especially for home use.

As regards the back plate and base, they can be made of several materials, among which: plastic, metal and, obviously, steel. Meat slicers with plastic machine body are obviously less resistant and steady than metal or steel models, but they are more affordable, lightweight and easy to move. Plastic machines are intended for limited amateur use.
Metal machines are more resistant than plastic ones, but steel models are top range, more reliable and suitable for amateur use.

What are the best brands?

Our catalogue includes leading manufacturers of meat slicers. As for many other products, choosing a serious, well-known and trusted brand means choosing quality and safety. The brands we recommend for meat slicers - both domestic or heavy-duty - are:

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