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Vacuum sealers with 35 cm sealing bar

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Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealer

Food vacuum sealers: Which one to choose?

This category features all the vacuum machines for food storage from the widest range on the online market, ranging from domestic to professional. Choosing the perfect vacuum sealing machine will not be a problem, thanks to the advanced filters with which you can narrow down your research to a small number of models that best suit your needs.


Food vacuum sealers: what are the main types?

We can classify the vacuum machines of our range into five specific categories, the first four with external suction, the last one with internal suction:

  • PVC Vacuum Sealers for Domestic Use: the most classic and popular on the market because of their lower cost.
  • Aluminum Vacuum Sealers: made in sturdy and high-quality material which makes them solid and hygienic, they have a distinctive design and a very compact mechanics, easy to store and extremely elegant to the touch and sight.
  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealers: their construction material guarantees an unmatched sturdiness and hygiene, making the models in this category high quality products.
  • Professional Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealers: the structural and mechanical characteristics of the models in this category allow them to be used with extreme frequency and for the heaviest works, with very powerful vacuum pumps and wide sealing bars.
  • Bell-shaped Vacuum Sealers: entirely made in stainless steel, they are designed for the vacuum professionals, allowing to vacuum-pack liquid and solid products and flours without limitation and at the top of current technology.


Vacuum sealer machine: main variables to consider when choosing

  • Pump: the mechanism that creates the vacuum by sucking in the oxygen contained in the bag or box. The vacuum value is expressed in bar and it's necessary to consider both the maximum vacuum that the machine is able to create, both the actual suction power.
  • Power: the ability of the vacuum machine to exert pressure on the casing and give sealing effectiveness to the bar. This indicator is expressed in Watts
  • Flow rate: the speed with which the vacuum sealer machine sucks in the air from the container. The flow rate is expressed in liters per minute
  • Functions of the vacuum machines, such as: sealing time adjustment, sealing bar temperature adjustment, manual sealing, wet foods and fragile foods cycle and containers cycle
  • Dimensions: both of the vacuum unit and of the sealing bar. The larger the size of the sealing bar, the greater the possibility of sealing bags of different sizes.
  • Materials: the food vacuum sealers can be made of PVC, plastic, aluminium or stainless steel


All you need for Kitchen work and food processing . A range of over 89 Vacuum Sealers at the best price sale on the online market.
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