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Vacuum Cleaners 25 lt Drum Capacity

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Drum Vacuum Cleaners

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Why purchase a drum vacuum cleaner?

Drum vacuum cleaners are fundamental for those who need a more powerful and comprehensive machine compared to regular vacuum cleaners, so as to work on large surfaces and collect – besides dust – any liquid or solid residue.

The main difference between drum vacuum cleaners and regular vacuum cleaners are suction power and type of material that can be vacuumed. The operation of the drum vacuum cleaner is rather simple: once activated, the electric motor generates a vortex that, passing through the suction hose, allows to vacuum all the dirt and discharge it into the drum.The air sucked in with the dirt is filtered through a special filter and, once freed from the dust it contained, it is expelled.

What are the main types of drum vacuum cleaners?

Drum vacuum cleaners are divided in different categories depending on their function:

  • The market offers machines that are regular vacuum cleaners, but drum vacuum cleaners usually perform both vacuum cleaner and wet and dry vacuum cleaner functions, allowing to remove both solid and liquid dirt. Our catalogue offers both heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, which can clean large surfaces without stopping thanks to the motor power and drum capacity, and home vacuum cleaners. These are most suitable for home use, for their reduced power and size. These features make them convenient and easy to handle, perfect for small spaces such as basements or garages.
    If you need to remove large amounts of dirt from large surfaces, we recommend heavy-duty drum vacuum cleaners, for their suction power and drum capacity. These machines are mainly intended for professional activities such as car washes or cleaning companies, which need them for intensive and prolonged use.

  • Carpet cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners differ from other products in this category for their injection/extraction function, so as to wash thoroughly rugs, car interiors, upholstery and carpets thanks to the built-in detergent container. Some models of carpet cleaners are equipped with double tank: one for the mixture of water and detergent for washing, the other to collect the dirty water resulting from cleaning.

  • Multifunctional vacuum cleaners and ash vacuum cleaners are a separate category. These machines have a filter designed for thin dust, which could easily damage other types of machines. Suitable to vacuum ash from your fireplace. Some models also mount blowers. In this case, the suction hose is connected to the dedicated air outlet to blow away dust and light materials (such as ash or leaves) or to move them from one place to another before they can be vacuumed and permanently removed.

What are the features to consider when choosing a drum vacuum cleaner?

  • Suction power is probably the most important technical feature to consider while choosing a drum vacuum cleaner. Drum vacuum cleaners, especially heavy-duty ones, can achieve high power levels thanks to several motors that can be operated simultaneously. The market offers drum vacuum cleaners with one, two or three motors which can reach a maximum total power greater than 3000W. Of course, the higher the motor power, the higher the electricity consumption.
    The suction power is not the air flow rate, that is the volume of the vacuumed air. This is usually expressed in litres per second (l/s): the larger the opening of the hose, the greater the volume of air sucked in and the lower the power required to vacuum dirt. Briefly, the air flow rate is an important indicator of the efficiency of a machine, also in terms of energy savings. Using a vacuum cleaner with a higher air flow rate therefore means that you can remove dirt with fewer passes and, in the case of large areas or large quantities to be vacuumed, with a considerable saving in time.

  • The capacity of the drum vacuum cleaner is extremely important. The larger the drum, the greater the possibility of working without having to empty it. However, it is important to avoid filling the drum completely, as an overfilled drum will tend to hamper the suction power of the machine, reducing its efficiency. The market offers large drum vacuum cleaners, with a capacity up to 70-80 L: large machines indeed, but bulkier and more difficult to handle. Therefore, unless you have to provide for heavy-duty or industrial use, your needs can be met by a machine with considerably less capacity: 15-20 L drums are excellent for most applications.

  • The body material is very important as well, as the main feature of a drum vacuum cleaner is the drum. There are plastic or steel (or stainless steel) drums.
    Plastic drums are lightweight and flexible, less prone to deformations due to impacts. Moreover, it guarantees excellent resistance to chemicals.
    The steel drum, especially if made of stainless steel, is certainly heavier but also more valuable and aesthetically pleasing. Although it is more robust and less likely to break, it is more prone to drafts and scratches due to impacts.

What are the best brands?

Our catalogue includes leading manufacturers of drum vacuum cleaners. As for many other products, a serious, well-known and trusted brand means quality and safety. These are the brands you should consider when choosing a drum vacuum cleaner:

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