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Vacuum Cleaners 17 lt Drum Capacity

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Vacuum Cleaners: 

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Vacuum Cleaners: what are they needed for?

This vacuum cleaners with tank work like a normal vacuum with the added bonus of being able to suction also liquids and waste which would normally damage a regular vacuum.  

Who needs them ?

This vacuum cleaners are especially useful to those who need to clean stains and waste of any kind, like a workshope or a garage. This does not means that they can't be regularly used at home.If, for example, a vase of flowers should fall it would be difficult to cleans with a broom, while if you were to use the regular vacuum it would be damaged due to the wet soild and sharp ceramic pieces. This would not be an issue with out vacuums, due to their sturdy construction.

A category for every need 

We offer several vacuum cleaner categories based on their features and performances.
Although they are all known as vacuum cleaners, each model was designed for a specific task:

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners
    • they can treat large surfaces without the need to stop thanks to the great motor power and tank capacity
  • Hobby use vacuum cleaners
    • they were designed for home use due to their compact dimensions and reduced power. This makes them more comofrtable and handy in small spaces like an home or a garage
  • Carpet cleaners
    • are injection/extraction washers that allow you to clean car interiors, tapestries and rugs thanks to their built-in detergent tanks
  • Multi-function ash vacuum cleaners
    • this vacuums are a category of their own due to the specific filter which was designed to treat dust which otherwise would damage the machine.They can be used for cleaning fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, biomass fuelled boilers and so on. This filter is often capable of self-cleaning during use to avoid clogging.

    • All you need for Indoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 142 Vacuum Cleaners at the best price sale on the online market.
      Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 66,40 € up to 801,19 €
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