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The planetary mixers for home use in this category are very sturdy and easy to operate. They are designed for whipping, kneading and mixing many different types of dough. The special mixing tool motion allows planetary dough mixers to reach any spot and angle of the bowl. Planetary dough mixers come with a set of special accessories so they can achieve results that cannot be obtained with regular dough mixers. These domestic planetary mixers were designed for home kitchens, but they are also suitable for small professional productions. Planetary dough mixers are equipped with three quick-realse tools:
  • Classic whisk: for light, runny or foamy dough - Suitable for products that require a long but effortless processing such as cream, eggs and sugar and so on;
  • Paddle or K-beater: suitable for heavier mixtures with ingredients such as eggs and flour. No need to use your hands or a spoon if you use this attachment, which can handle pretty difficult tasks;
  • Dough hook: designed for unyielding and elastic dough that does not stick, for bread, pizza, home-made pasta, cakes and leavened foods in general. The hook has a high dough-processing strength and it helps develop the gluten network of bakery products easily.
All of these multi tool machines are equipped with a fast-release system, which allows switching from one task to another in a jiff. The bowl is removable, so it can be cleaned and carried very easily. The planetary mixer head can be lifted by means of a lever on the side of the machine and it features a potentiometer speed controller. All of the dough-processing components are made of stainless steel, which ensures high quality and makes the machine suitable for food contact.
All you need for Kitchen work and food processing . A range of over 29 Planetary Mixers at the best price sale on the online market.
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