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Fork dough mixers;

Fork dough mixers;

Fork dough mixers are machines equipped with a working arm defined “fork” which, differently from other models,mixes the dough more slowly.

The working arm that mixes the dough has a inverted U shape; it is not fixed vertically, but diagonally so as to mix the dough, in a very similar way as to spiral mixers.

In this category are included both single-phase and three-phase models, with different features, each one suitable to meet every need.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Let’s see which are the main advantages in the use of this specific type of mixer:

  • Silent: Especially in the most recent models, a specific advantage of these machines is their silence, thanks to particular oil-bath transmissions;
  • Easy to use: These machines are suitable for the majority of dough processes, both for professional and hobby uses.
  • Efficient: It allows you to obtain well-mixed dough in very little time;
  • Low temperatures: Even with long processing times, the dough never reaches too high temperatures.

Instead, the disadvantages are:

  • Not suitable for processing of high moisture content doughs;
  • More expensive than other models of mixers;

How do they work?

Fork mixers are equipped with a steel bowl, which contains the dough, and a single working arm. This mixes the dough very slowly, in order to only slightly heat it and avoid the heat loss.
Its position is not perfectly vertical, but slightly tilted to its axis.
Processing times may be longer, but they ensure a better fermentation of the mixture, and it is precisely this feature that allows low-hydration doughs such as bread, pizza or piadinas to be processed at their best.
The bowl can be fixed or removable, in order to allow an easiest and quicker cleaning and maintenance.

Main aspects to consider

Let’s try to list the main aspects to take into account if you are considering to buy this type of machine:

  • Dough capacity: Dough capacity that can be mixed at once depends on the machine dimension and power.
    Average capacities are between 30 and 35 kg of maximum dough;
  • Bowl capacity: A feature directly related to the dough capacity Again, the capacity can be varied according to need;
  • Speed levels: It indicates the number of available working speeds and allows you to change the type of mixing easily and immediately;
  • Power: Indicates the type of machine operation. They can be single-phase, for medium power, or three-phase, for higher power.

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