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Electric Copper Pots | Electric copper pots for gas hobs

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Electric Copper Pots for Gas Hobs

Electric Copper Pots for Gas Hobs

The copper pot is a special cooking tool used for cooking polenta, which is specifically shaped to prevent the mixture from sticking to the walls.

Furthermore, electric copper pots are more efficient than the classic ones since they are equipped with an electric motor that allows a stirrer hooked to the edge to rotate and mix the polenta autonomously.

They consist of a flat bottom, to allow the hook to turn the mixture evenly. Then they feature a metal frame that holds the pot, and the electric motor, which allows the hook to rotate around the circumference of the pot.

How to clean them

The steps for good cleaning and maintenance of an electric polenta copper pot are very simple:

  • First, for its cleaning, it is best to avoid washing them in the dishwasher, as this would risk damaging the protective foil inside. It is therefore better to wash them by hand, first soaking them in warm water and soap;
  • It is also important to dry the pot thoroughly, as copper is particularly susceptible to moisture;
  • A final caution is to avoid the use of sharp utensils that could scratch or scrape the pot.

Main features

Let's have a look at the main characteristics of these particular pots for cooking and preparing polenta.
As stated above, the most important aspect concerns the outer material, namely copper. This may have two different processes, plain or hammered copper, the main difference between the two is aesthetic, since the cooking features are the same.
Another element that characterises electric copper pots is undoubtedly the motor, which is connected to a socket through a power cable: it is connected directly to the stirrer. These are then hooked and unhooked from the pot by means of a coupling system.
Above the engine, in a clearly visible and easy-to-reach position, there is also an ignition switch to turn the engine on and off.

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