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Vacuum machines for domestic use

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Vacuum machines for domestic use

Macchine sottovuoto per utilizzo domestico

Vacuum machines are now widespread in both private and professional settings, thanks to the great advantages they bring for food preservationi.
They are able to preserve the aromas and properties of food for very long periods of time.

This category includes, vacuum machines for domestic use, i.e. all those models of vacuum machines that are reasonably priced and have more than enough features for the preservation of small quantities of food in a home environment.

What are the features and equipment?

Let's now have a look at the main equipment on domestic vacuum packaging machines, and the features to evaluate:

  • The type of suction: In these models there is external suction, which is the most suitable for domestic use, and economical compared to the more complex bell suction;
  • The machine cycle: Vacuum machine cycles can be divided into automatic cycles and manual cycls.
    In machines with an automatic cycle the settings are automatically adjusted bt the machine itself, in machines with a manual cycle, on the other hand, settings can be set manually;
  • The type of food that can be stored: Another very important aspect to consider is the type of food the machine is able to store, we can find two main groups, dry and moist food or soft and gard food;
  • The double sealing bar:Indicates the presence of no less than 2 sealing bars integrated in the machine, ensuring longer-lasting sealing of the food to be preserved;
  • Pump flow rate: This figure can give an idea of the power of the machine, as it indicates the air flow, expressed in litres, that it can move in one minute.

The main brands

The category lists machines from leading brands such as:

All you need for Kitchen work and food processing . A range of over 65 Vacuum machines for domestic use at the best price sale on the online market.
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