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The PVC vacuum food sealers have small and medium dimensions ideal for the domestic use. They are definitely the most common and well-known vacuum food sealers due to their moderate price and their widespread market availability. Due to our commercial policy we decided not to introduce the lowest class (lowest performances) products, widely diffused on large scale retail trade because we give big importance to quality and assistance. For example, our 4 models stand out for the pumps power (15/16 litres per minute), while the most of the vacuum food sealers in the market reach 10/11 litres per minute of suctioned air. We offer two manual vacuum cycle ,models and one automatic (it is enough to lay the bag and close the bar to start the vacuum cycle) and one model both manual and automatic. With its well-finished mechanics, this is a high quality product even if it is present in the lowest price category of our range. It can be used for food like sausages, meat, vegetables and any kind of home made food that can be treated with a small pressure.
All you need for Kitchen work and food processing . A range of over 45 PVC Food vacuum sealers at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2020 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 41,31 € up to 192,88 €
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