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Pressure Washers with Axial Pump

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Cold water pressure washers don't change water temperature. This products are the most common and sold; vast catalogue of professional and economical models;
Hot water pressure washers have more than one diesel boiler which enhances their efficiency due to the high temperature of the outgoing water; this machines are to be used by professionalsi;
Petrol pressure washer (cold water) are designed for locations in which there is no electricity; the petrol engine requires a higher price and operating costs.

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most varied applications thanks to the accessories ranging from the simple cleaning of walls and paths to the cleaning of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and agricultural equipment. Generally, pressure washers belonging to this category have a great value for money. However, they are the ones who receive the most support from the manufacturer. Nevertheless there are available highly professional machines used with cold water for various employment sectors such as construction, industry, etc.

Hot water pressure washers: These machines in particular have a boiler (usually diesel) that heats the outgoing water at high temperatures. This is in addition to the cleaning power of high pressure water, allowing thanks to the heat to degrease the surfaces. They are very sophisticated machines wanted by professionals who are having to clean up areas or particularly dirty or greasy machinery such as: workshops, food industry, etc.

Petrol pressure washer: Especially appreciated by professionals and companies for the great power delivered by the engines that allow water to reach pressures and flow rate difficult to match by an electric motor. In addition, and perhaps this is also the most important aspect, the possibility of use in any condition, not being limited by the presence of a power source, make it a formidable machine also under the aspect of versatility.


All major brands producing high-pressure washers which are listed on our website ( Karcher, Comet, Lavor, Annovi Reverberi & Stanley Black & Decker, Michelin , Etc.), are of a good quality, it is important to remember that in order to make the right choice you should understand the classification of these pressure washers and identify the right level of machine to buy. The element you should look at first is always thedelivered pressure, the data more directly associated with the level of power of the machine, however, it is not always high pressure which determines the quality level of the electrical pressure washer and the high durability. So it is important to evaluate a sufficient pressure level, but is even more important to establish the frequency and intensity of use (A) of the pressure washer and what type of objects or surfaces (B) are intended to be washed. We therefore provide the first ultra-concise handbook based on our personal rank, visible also above, from which you can take notice:

  • SMALL Pressure Washers : - A) very occasional use - B) small car + bike
  • Hobby Use Pressure washers : - A) occasional use - B) + car + lawn mower
  • SEMI-PROFESSIONAL Pressure washers: - A) average use - B) big car + bike + external surfaces
  • PROFESSIONAL Pressure washers : - A) intense and frequent use - B) + trucks + various equipment large external surfaces
  • THREE-PHASE Professional Pressure washers : - A) frequent industrial use - B) + vehicle fleet + industrial equipment + large surfaces 
    • Hobby use hot water pressure washer: with a lower power from the other, is suitable for a more limited use, aimed at those who still do not want to give up a hot pressure washer;
    • Semi-professional hot water high-pressure washers: for those who want a very powerful machine and high quality standard while not being a professional;
    • Single-phase professional hot water high-pressure washers: powerful machines, with single-phase motor, intended for a heavy and continuous use;
    • Three-phase professional hot water high pressure cleaners: our most powerful machines for professional car wash, industrial operators, etc.
    • Petrol pressure washers: for those who need a machine without the limit of an external power source.


We provide you now a real QUICK HANDBOOK for the FILTERS placed in the column below to help you to carry out a fast and effective selection and identify, in a few simple steps, the specific model that suits your needs in this review of about 350 electric pressure washers. The first filter, PRICE is subjective and we do not give suggestions. We focus directly on the following ones, that is, those of a technical nature (and we remind you that on each one you can also implement multiple selections).

  • The first thing to consider is thePRODUCT LEVEL: you should think about the intensity and frequency with which you will use the pressure washer, and select a sufficiently high level to satisfy your use (as we explained to you in the list just above!);
  • SWITCH Here you will find the widest selection of switches on the site, there are the most varied, and they range from power to the supplied accessories. just select one or more to skim the pressure washer according to the desired functions.
  • FUNCTION: which allows you to choose between the 3 main macrocategories (cold water, hot water and petrol)
  • DRIVE: allows you to choose the "fuel" of the machine
  • MOTOR: it is the data that encloses the various types of motor, in fact not all electric motors are the same, they vary from brush motors to induction / brushless motors at 2/4 poles.
  • CAPACITY: this is often overlooked, but, on the contrary, should be taken into account more than the data about pressure, because it expresses the actual cleaning properties of the pressure washer; the machines with a high flow rate have a much more full-bodied jet wash and much more than those with limited range; it is measured in liters of water per minute, this is our classification: 
    • up to 6.9 L/ min
    • From 7 to 7.9 L/ min
    • From 8 to 8.9 L/ min
    • From 9 to 9.9 L/ min
    • From 10 to 10.9 L/ min
    • From 11 to 11.9 L/ min
    • From 12 to 12.9 L/ min
    • Over 13 L/ min
  • PRESSURE:this is the data that expresses with greater immediacy the power and the washing capacity of the pressure washer. They range from the lowest under 119 bars to the most powerful which are often petrol pressure washers and exceed 200 bars.
  • ENGINE BRAND: a data specific for petrol pressure washers which allows to divide the machines between a branded and non-branded engine
  • MOTOR POWER : It is a matter on which we do not dwell because generally it is directly proportional to the two data above of pressure & flow rate ( the greater they are the greater will be the power of the electric motor); We suggest only to verify this data carefully to avoid buying pressure washers with power and absorption that exceed the power currently available in the domestic supply contract (most of the times equal to 3 KW)
  • ROTATION SYSTEM : The lower it is the better the quality and durability of the pump; However, the pumps with 1450 rev / min are found only on the most equipped versions of the professional high pressure washers. So, the majority of users who are looking for a pressure washer below the professional ranks just find this filter useful and can skip it;
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Similar considerations as the above, this controller is comfortable but is typically found only on professional ranks high pressure washers. The utility is however quite superfluous on machines with single-phase motor, of which the larger models arrive at max 160 bar pressure, and it wouldn’t make sense to reduce or limit the pressure washer’s performance, with the useless consequence of extending the execution times for a wash, since this kinds of pressures don’t risk damaging even the most delicate surfaces
  • HEADBOARD MATERIAL : this filter is of fundamental use to identify one of the qualitative and most important features of the pump; the plastic headboard is inexpensive, the aluminum headboard is average, the brass headboard is the most durable and resistant to high pressure (brass is one of the hardest metals and resistant in nature);
  • The remaining filters, HOSE REEL, DETERGENT TANK and LANCE WITH ROTATING NOZZLE , are additional equipment, some of which it is possible to find as standard equipment in certain pressure washer models and some not, so we leave the customer to choose. However, we recommend all three, the hose reel because it facilitates the collection of the hose and a simple storage, the detergent tank because in some works and certain surfaces can also expand the washing power, as well as the lance with rotating nozzle, even if just with a different washing system (concentrates all the water flow on a single concentrated point, which makes the rotation of the nozzle move quickly);

All you need for Indoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 360 Pressure Washers at the best price sale on the online market.
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