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Cold water pressure washers

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AgriEuro offers a vast selection of cold water pressure washers by the market's four leading brands - Comet, Lavor, Annovi & Reverberi, Karcher, as well as Michelin and Stanley models.
Lavor, Comet and Annovi & Reverberi are Italian manufacturers and they all make their pressure washers in Italy. Karcher is a German company that manufactures pressure washers both in Italy and in Germany. Among the many different machines in our catalogue, you'll find products that were designed for various application levels. From hobby use products to semi-professional ones, from professional models to industrial machines. This allows customers to choose a pressure washer that best suits their requirements and makes the selection process easier.

  • Single-phase electric pressure washers

All of the brands in our array offer various models with different capacity and pressure levels, based on their application field. A lot of these models come with many free extra features. In particular, some of the Karcher pressure washer models include specific home kits (with floor cleaner) or car kits. Some Lavor pressure washers come with a small air compressor. These machines were mainly designed for hobby use and activities like cleaning cars, motorbikes, gardens and outdoor areas.

  • Three-phase electric pressure washers

Our three-phase pressure washers by Lavor, Comet and Annovi & Reverberi were designed for professional and industrial applications. They are all fitted with brass pump units and most of them are equipped with 1450 rpm motors for longer durability. Some Comet pressure washers feature hose reels. These machines are fitted with high-end motors that guarantee very high pressure - up to 210 bar.

  • Wall-mounted pressure washers

The models in this special electric pressure washer line can be fixed to a wall and placed where they are usually needed (in a garage, in the garden and so on). Otherwise they are identical to single-phase electric pressure washers. We've added new Static K250 wall mounted pressure washers by Comet to our catalogue. These single-phase and three-phase models are highly professional and especially manufactured for business or industrial applications.
These pressure washers come with different accessories and extra features: foam cannons, brushes for very large spaces, detergent tanks, hose reels, car cleaning tools and so on.
If the standard presure washer equipment is not enough for your requirements, you can order more accessories and detergent products from our wide selection.
All you need for Indoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 204 Cold Water Pressure Washers at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 80,07 € up to 1.810,22 €
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