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Pressure Washers Annovi Reverberi

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Annovi & Reverberi cold water pressure washers with single-phase and three-phase motors. Annovi & Reverberi was founded in 1958 in Modena, in the heart of the Italian engineering district and has become a modern, flexible and steadily expanding company. Their strength is encoded in the company's DNA. The model selection we're offering covers all price ranges and any kind of application. The head unit on many of our models is made of brass, which is an excellent material for this type of product. Top-of-the-range models are fitted with a professional in-line pump featuring three ceramic pistons. This pump model is perfect for heavy-duty tasks. TSS (Total Stop System) technology stops the water flow when the machine is not in use to ensure savings and a longer motor life. Some Annovi & Reverberi pressure washers models come with an original hose reel. Flow rate may vary based on the model and ranges between 6.5 litres per minute and 15 litres per minute for the most powerful models.Flow rate, not pressure, is the most important piece of data as it expresses the actual power of the pressure washer. Annovi & Reverberi are known world-wide for their production of diaphragm pumps for agricultural applications and cylinder pumps for industrial washing operations. They are important manufacturers of cleaning equipment as they offer innovative solutions to the global market with their home and professional pressure washers. Annovi & Reverberi are leading manufacturers of cleaning products and all their equipment is made in Italy.