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Meat Mincers

Meat Mincers

Meat mincers: which one to buy?

The meat mincer or meat grinder is a tool used to process meat by cutting it into pieces of homogeneous size, obtaining minced or ground meat. AgriEuro offers one of the largest selection of electric and manual meat mincers on the market. Choosing the product that best meets your needs will not be difficult thanks to the possibility of applying advanced filters to the research.

Meat mincers: main variables to keep in mind when buying

The meat mincer models available in our catalogue are differentiated according to:

  • the transmission type, which can be direct or with gears;
  • the size of the die plate:
  • the motor power, which results in different consumption;
  • the materials, as the meat mincer can be built in plastic, aluminium, cast iron or stainless steel;
  • the hourly output or production capacity;
  • the multi-functionality: the meat mincers can in fact also perform the functions of other products, such as tomato presses, cheese graters, pasta presses and dough mixers, by purchasing special kits. The products in which the single model can be converted are indicated in the specific section.

Meat mincers: categories to choose from

Meat mincers can be classified into different categories:

  • Hand Crank Meat Mincers: suitable for grinding small amounts of meat at home. The hand crank meat mincers feature a classic and functional design, and are intended for private users who want always fresh minced meat, with minimum space occupied and maximum simplicity.
  • Hobby Use Electric Meat Mincers: equipped with 230V single-phase electric brushed motors, they are able to grind any type of meat and to stuff it thanks to the funnels of different diameters supplied;
  • Semi-professional Electric Meat Mincers: represent a good compromise between a hobby model and a professional one;
  • Heavy-duty Electric Meat Mincers: equipped with induction motors for intensive and continuous use, they are mainly used in professional environments thanks to their high production capacity.
  • Heavy-duty Electric Meat Mincers with Cheese Grater: the products in this category can grind meat and grate cheese and dry bread. These multi-function machines allow to obtain large quantities of product and are mainly designed for a professional use.

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