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Heavy-duty Electric Cheese Grater – for cheese and dry bread

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Heavy-duty Electric Cheese Graters

Grattugia Elettrica per Uso Domestico

Heavy-duty electric cheese graters: explore our offer

AgriEuro offers a wide catalogue of heavy-duty electri cheese graters, for cheese, dry bread, dried fruit and other foods. All our cheese graters comply with European standards about product safety and quality of the materials.

Heavy-duty steel cheese grater: what are its functions?

The market offers any type of electric cheese grater , but what elements help to select the right one? First of all, let's focus on the features each model offers. Among all functions that make the difference when choosing an electric cheese grater, we can select some features more important than others, such as:

speed variator: this component works according to the solidity of the food to grate. This function is very useful to grate cheese, since different cheese types have different textures.

removable roller: for better care and cleaning of the machine, which otherwise would risk damaging.

reversing direction: a feature that should be included in every heavy-duty cheese grater, since it can reverse the direction of the roller. This allows the machine to be cleared of any blockages which, if ignored, could compromise the motor.

adjustable feet: an important feature to obtained a perfect result, since they allow to work always on the same level.

Cheese grater: choose the right one for you

To choose a cheese grater you have to consider the type of food you need to grate. Usually, the two most popular food to grate are cheese and dry bread.
If you need a machine to grate cheese, consider its ripening, since soft cheese can cause jammings that would damage the internal components and motor.
If you need a grater for bread, you should consider buying a bread grater equipped with speed variator, since dry bread is harder than cheese. Less powerful machines or machines built with a low-resistant material could jam or break easier.

Heavy-duty electric cheese grater: which material to choose?

As any other kitchen product, it is always important to choose a product made of resistant materials, such as plastic, iron, aluminium or steel.​
For example, a cheese grater made of die-cast aluminium with steel roller will guarantee excellent performance and durability over time.
A plastic cheese grater, instead, is a less professional product, even if it can provide excellent performance, also featuring a very low weight.

All you need for Kitchen work and food processing . A range of over Heavy-duty Electric Cheese Graters at the best price sale on the online market.
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