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Vacuum Machines for Professional Use

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Vacuum Machines for Professional Use

Macchine sottovuoto a scopo professionale

Preserving food for longer periods of time can prove to be a very useful and functional procedure not only at home, but especially in the professional sector, such as restaurants, pubs and trattorias.

In our category are listed all models of vacuum machines for professional use, with therefore features and functionality suitable for holding large quantities of foodstuffs.
This category of vacuum cleaners have additional functionality and features compared to domestic models, allowing them to be easily adapted to more professional and large production environments.

Operating modes

Some of the modes of operation that characterise this precise range of vacuum packaging machines are:

  • Automatic welding: This function allows vacuum bags to be sealed in a fully automatic process, without the need for manual intervention;
  • Digital control: Allows you to adjust the vacuum level, ensuring precise and accurate packaging;
  • Suction capacity: These machines have pumps with capacities of up to 45 litres per minute, allowing fast vacuum extraction. In some higher-end models, food can also be packed in hermetically sealed jars for even longer storage.
  • Additional functionalities: The great versatility of these machines also allows them to be used for multiple purposes and contexts.
    Some of the additional features that can be found in professional vacuum packaging machines are the ability to program the sealing time, adjust the vacuum level or use specific programmes for various types of food.

Other features

Other features that allow these vacuum machine models to be adapted to even the most demanding professional environments are:

  • The maximum vacuum: Indicates how much maximum vacuum the machine is able to create for food preservation;
  • Power supply: The machines are often compatible with a wide range of operating voltages and frequencies, making them suitable for use in different regions and with various power sources;
  • Maximum power: Indicates the maximum power that can be absorbed by the machine, usually ranging from 250 to 300 watts;
  • Sealing bar length: This figure is also directly related to the maximum width of the vacuum bags that can be applied to the bar.
    In this category it is possible to find machines withbars from 30 to 55 cm wide, suitable for all uses.

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