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Painted Steel Manual Sausage Stuffers

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Painted Steel Sausage Stuffers

Painted Steel Sausage Stuffers

Why choose a manual sausage stuffing machine in enamelled steel?

The manual sausage stuffers in enamelled steel are perfect tools for processing small amounts of meat.

Characterized by a remarkable ease of use, these machines are equipped with filling funnels of four sizes, made of food-safe plastic material, useful for the preparation of various types of cured meats, such as salami and sausages.

Numerous models available - all entirely made in Italy - equipped with a typical supporting structure in steel painted with red epoxy powders and a stainless steel stuffing tube.

The gear transmission for the reduction and multiplication of the piston speed facilitates the bagging operations and the extraction of the piston at the end of the work, considerably reducing workload for the operator.

To start the preparation of cured meats with the manual sausage stuffer, simply attach one of the four stuffing funnels and turn the pin with the crank for the slow forward motion of the rack to which the buffer is fixed. Once the work is finished, the stainless steel tube must be emptied and can be easily cleaned.

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