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Automatic robot lawn mowers: which is the best?

Here you can find a quick buying guide for robot lawn mowers, to select - in a few simple steps - the best product for you.

We will show you how to best use the filters in the left column, to quickly and effectively select the products.

We offer a wide range of robot lawn mowers at great prices, the most varied offer for brands and product types you can find online.

Robot lawn mowers: what are the main features to consider before purchasing?

Robot lawn mowers are technological devices designed with attention to detail and they are ideal for those who want to take care of their green space without having to waste their free time. In fact, once programmed, the robot lawn mower mows the lawn autonomously. You can program these robots via app from your mobile phone, even when you are not at home. Furthermore, they are equipped with special sensors which allow robot lawn mowers to detect the shape of the working area and the best weather conditions for mowing the lawn.

You may ask: do these machines really work? Of course they do, in fact, these robot lawn mowers are extremely efficient and they not only cut your lawn but they make your garden even more welcoming and well-kept. While standard mowing is carried out every 15 days each season, requiring several centimetres to be cut, robot lawn mowers, pass more times on the lawn, cutting a few millimetres of grass and leaving it on the ground; it quickly decomposes, acting as a natural fertiliser. Please note its eco-friendly aspect: unlike petrol lawn mowers, robot lawn mowers are silent and they do not pollute.

We mainly divide robots according to the maximum cutting area, that is the maximum area of lawn which robot lawn mowers can cut in optimal conditions (areas with low slope inclination and even surfaces with regular shapes). Here you can find the categories in detail:

If you want to specifically filter robot lawn mowers, you can choose between:

  • Maximum slope: it is important to consider this feature if the lawn has steep slopes. If that is the case, you should choose a robot lawn mower with an appropriate traction;
  • Battery type:
    • Lead-acid: this is the oldest type of rechargeable battery, commonly used on cars, motorcycles and equipment which work with 6, 12 or 24V -:
    • Ni-MH - nickel-metal hydride: this battery may have a capacity two or three times higher than the capacity of a Ni-Cd battery of the same size with a less significant memory effect;
    • Li-Ion - Lithium Ion: the battery with one of the best power / weight ratios, no memory effect and a slow loss of charge when not in use;
    • Li-Ion+ Lithium Ion: a new technology which allows the Li-Ion to be charged only once a year without losing charge capacity;
    • Li-Po - Lithium-polymer: it is a technological development of the Li-Ion accumulator, nonflammable and therefore less dangerous if damaged;
  • Motor type: this filter allows you to choose motors with brushes or induction (brushless). Brushless motors are much more durable and efficient than the first ones;
  • Wireless connections: robot lawn mowers can often be programmed and controlled both via app and Alexa. That is why you should choose your robot lawn mower depending on your types of connection available:
    • Bluetooth connection;
    • Wi-Fi connection;
    • GSM/GPS connection;
  • Robot operation: most robot lawn mowers need a prior installation of perimeter wire and charging station. The perimeter wire is a wire that can be laid on the turf, either by securing it with stakes - usually supplied - or by burying it lightly with special tools. The wire delimits the perimeter of activity of the robot lawn mower, keeping it away from the most critical areas and guiding it towards the charging base when the battery is low. This system allows the robot lawn mower to map the area first, making lawn mowing even more functional. You can also find robots without perimeter wire, which do not need to be installed. This filter allows you to choose between these two types of robot. The market is also preparing to offer high-technology robot lawn mowers, equipped with sensors to automatically recognize the presence of grass, or models with infrared system to allow artificial intelligence to map the work area in detail.

In this category, AgriEuro offers a wide range of automatic battery-powered robot lawn mowers by Worx, Robomow, Ambrogio, Gardena and others. All robot lawn mowers automate lawn maintenance, keeping it clean and well mowed, but they are not all the same. Some are equipped with lithium battery, they can be remotely controlled via WiFi, having a substantially different cost based on the surface which they can mow.

What are the best robot lawn mower manufacturers?

Here you can find some of the most popular brands of robot lawn mowers:

  • Worx Landroid robot lawn mowers: Landroid models are different from other automatic machines on the market because they can mow the whole lawn without changing direction frequently, with greater efficiency, saving time and battery. They can calculate the rebound angle, thus avoiding unnecessary maneuvers, immediately finding a free path to continue mowing. Safe, totally silent and maintenance-free, they are immediately ready for use, without being programmed by an operator. Top models are equipped with remote control via Wi-Fi, control interface with PIN and they can mow very large surfaces, up to 2000 square meters, and every model can mow on surfaces with slopes up to 35% (20°). When the battery level is low, they automatically return to the charging base.
  • Robomow robot lawn mowers: Robomow robot lawn mowers are resistant, reliable and easy to use. The RK products make your garden suitable for every occasion. They can cut your lawn to the edge and have a patented cutting system, which always ensures excellent mowing.
    In september 2018, Robomow became the first supplier on the market offering robot lawn mowers that respond to Amazon Alexa voice control. Besides starting and stopping, the voice recognition offers a wide range of control options for future models. Alexa allows you to ask your robot lawn mower for information about the last mowing operation, its position, what it is doing and when is the next mowing starting.
  • Ambrogio robot lawn mowers: manufactured by Zucchetti - Centro sistemi, these robot lawn mowers are highly technological and well structured. This brand has innovative models, such as robot lawn mowers which work without perimeter wire. These models are ready to use and they do not require any prior installation. Thanks to their sophisticated technology, these robot lawn mowers cand detect and avoid obstacles or paved or concrete land. Please remember that Ambrogio Robot products are made in Italy: equipped with brushless motors, lithium batteries, strong, reliable and durable materials, with an elegant and sophisticated design.
  • Gardena robot lawn mowers: these robots are designed to perform a perfect lawn-mowing in complete autonomy: once started, the robot lawn mower will start working and return to the charging station for recharging autonomously. SILENO models can be programmed via Bluetooth or connected to GARDENA smart system: depending on your Gardena robot lawn mower, you can use GARDENA Bluetooth® app or GARDENA smart app. Furthermore, they can work on up to maximum 30% slopes and top range models can operate on surfaces up to 1250 m².

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