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Robot lawn mower | Lawn mower | Robotic lawn mower for grassy areas from 200 to 400 m² - with or without boundary wire

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Here you find a QUICK PURCHASE QUIDE to lawn mowers for grassy areas of 200 - 300 m² to detect in very few steps the best model that suits your needs.
We show you how to best use the FILTERS in the column at the left for an efficient and quick selection. You can make different selections on each filter.
The first one, PRICE is subjective and we do not give you suggestions; let's focus on the next ones which are technical.
  • MAX CUTTING SURFACE: the maximum surfaces stand for the lawn area the robot lawn mower is able to cut in very good conditions, that is to say in case of lawns with low slopes and regular shape (i.e. rectangular). With just one click you will restrict the selection of products suitable for a specific cutting surface.
  • MAXIMUM SLOPE: it is an important data to take into consideration ifthe lawn to mow features high slopes. In this case you have to choose the proper traction;
  • BATTERY TYPE: Lead-acid: it is the oldest rechargeable battery, commonly used on cars, motorcycles and 6, 12 or 24 V - Ni-MH appliances - nickel-metal hydride: it can have two or three times the capacity of a similar Ni-Cd battery and the memory effect is less significant; Li-Ion - Lithium Ion: battery with one of the best weight/power ratio, no memory effect and a slow charge llosing when not in use; Li-Ion+ - Lithium Ion: a new technology that enables to Li-Ion battery to be recharged just once a year without loosing the charging capacity; Li-Po - Lithium-polymer: it is a technological development of the Li-Ion accumulator, it is not inflammable and therefore less dangerous if damaged;
  • Wi-Fi REMOTE CONTROL: some robot lawn mowers are equipped with a Wi-Fi connection module that allows you to have all the necessary data of the robot, thanks to dedicated APP. They allow also, in many cases, to program the outputs and control the robot via smartphone, like a joystick;
  • ROBOT FUNCTIONING: for their functioning the most robot lawn mowers need a pre-installation of the boundary wire and charging station. There are also robot lawn mowers without boundary wire that do not require any installation. This filter enables a quick choice among the may robot types;
In this category there are robots best suitable for small, regular lawns with no many obstacles. There are many models with an excellent quality/price ratio. They are machines designed to carry out a perfect mowing in complete autonomy: in fact, once the robot is switched on, it works autonomously.
You will also find innovative models that don't require any boundary wire or charging station. Just let them mow and the robot itself will detect and recognize obstacles and paths thanks to the proper sensor so improving an easy and efficient mowing.
All you need for Lawn cutting and maintenance . A range of over 6 Robot lawn mowers for surfaces from 200 to 400 m² at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2020 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 460,83 € up to 891,50 €
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