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Robot Lawn Mowers for Surfaces over 1600 s.q. m.

Robot Tagliaerba Oltre 1600 mq

Innovative and powerful robot lawn mower, designed for difficult lawns

This category includes top range of our models of robot lawn mowers, also including heavy-duty models. These machines are suitable to work on large uneven surfaces with many obstacles.

For excellent versatility, you can set your robot lawn mower so it can recognize the structure of its working spaces, adapting every time to the specific features of the area, also to steep slopes.

This range of robot lawn mowers only includes high-tech machines, designed to provide excellent mowing of large lawns: once installed, thel robot will work in complete autonomy, following the instructions received. All models of this range support computerised and complex control systems, using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GSM connections, as well as Alexa voice commands, to fully control the robot activity

Which robot lawn mowers is the best for your large area?

Here is a practical BUYING GUIDE for robot lawn mower for surface over 1600 m², to select, in a few simple steps, the model that best suits your needs.
We will show you how to use the FILTERS available, so you can select the right features for you. Remember that you can select several options on each filter.
The first filter, PRICE, is entirely up to you; let's focus on the more technical ones.
  • MAX. SURFACE: it is the maximum surface that the robot lawn mower can cut in optimal conditions, that is areas with low slope, even surfaces and lawn with simple shapes, such as rectangular ones. When buying a robot lawn mower, it is always better to choose a model suitable for larger areas than the ones that it is actually going to cut, so as not to excessively wear the product, reducing its life. This is particularly necessary if the area has an irregular shape or many obstacles.
  • MAX. SLOPE: you need to consider this factor if your lawn has steep sloped. In fact, every slope gradient will need a robot with different drive;
    - Lead-acid: the oldest rechargeable battery, usually fitted on cars, motorcycles and 6, 12 or 24V tools - :
    - Ni-MH - nickel-metal hydride: can have two or three times the capacity of a Ni-Cd battery of the same size and the memory effect is lower;
    - Li-Ion - lithium-ion: it features one of the best weight/power ratio, no memory effect and a slow loss of charge when not in use;
    - Li-Ion+ - lithium-ion: new technology allowing Li-Ion battery to be charged even once a year without losing its charge capacity;
    - Li-Po - lithium-polymer: it is a development of Li-Ion technology, non-flammable and therefore less dangerous if damaged;
  • Wi-Fi REMOTE CONTROL: some robot lawn mowers are equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can check all the information you need on your mobile phone, thanks to dedicated APPs. In many cases, you can use your phone as a joystick, programming and controlling the device;
  • ROBOT OPERATION: most robot lawn mowers need prior installation of perimeter wire and charging station, but there are also machines without perimeter wire that do not require any installation. This filter allows to quickly choose between two types of robot;
  • MOTOR TYPE: this filter allows to choose between brushed or induction (brushless) motors. Brushless motors are more effective and long-lasting compared to the others.

All you need for Lawn cutting and maintenance . A range of over 6 Robot Lawn Mower for Surfaces over 1600 s.q. m. at the best price sale on the online market.
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