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Ride-on Mowers Cubic Capacity 550 cm³

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Riding-on Mowers

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Riding-on mowers: why should you buy one?

Riding-on mowers are the best machines if you need to cut large lawns. These machines are necessary for really large lawns for which lawn mowers or brush cutters are not useful.

Using a riding-on mower will improve comfort, results and time saving, as well as minimizing efforts. Driving a riding-on mower is not only easy, but it could also be a pleasant and amusing experience.

Riding-on mowers: a range for every type of need

Riding-on mowers can be divided depending on their structure: our catalogue includes both classic mowers featuring a large front part, and the newest rider mowers, more compact since without grass collector, equipped with single-blade deck and therefore suitable for smaller surfaces. These models are purchased instead of lawn mowers, with the purpose of mowing the lawn while sitting down.

The differences between a rider mower and a classic mower are not merely aesthetic, but also structural and functional. Classic riding-on mowers are used to cut taller grass and suitable for larger surfaces. Small rider mowers have a simpler structure and are suitable for lawns with many obstacles, such as trees and hedges, for their agility and handling, low weight and small footprint. That is why these machines mount smaller and more affordable motors montino motori più piccoli ed economici.

In recent years, technological evolution has made rider mowers powered by lithium batteries become increasingly more popular. These machines have the same features and performance of petrol rider mowers, without requiring the same maintenance.

Riding-on mowers can be also divided by the position of the motor. In fact, rider mowers mount it in the rear part, that is behind the seat, not inside the front part. This makes the machine easy to drive. Moreover, rider mowers do not feature extended front part, which makes them suitable for working among obstacles such as trees and flowerbeds. The absence of the motor in the front part and the resulting shape also provide greater visibility, ensuring a 360 degree view of the turf.

ZRT riding-on mowers have a more complex driving system, as they can be manoeuvred using special levers. These heavy-duty models require more experience than other mowers. Designed to ensure more precise movements and, above all, the possibility of 360° manoeuvres.

Which are the cutting systems of riding-on mowers?

A riding-on mower can offer several solutions for both grass cutting and disposal. There are three main cutting systems:

  • the discharge system is the easiest way to manage grass residues, since riding-on mowers are not equipped with a proper grass shredding or collection system. In fact, machines featuring this collection system are often the most affordable. All grass residues are simply discharged on the ground via a side opening during the lawn mowing process. Of course, once finished, you have to manually collect and dispose of the grass.
  • the collection system is mounted by most riding-on mowers on the market: in this case, the vehicle has a grass collector with higher or lower collection capacity depending on the model. Grass residues, instead of being left on the ground, will be collected inside the grass collector, which will then be emptied. You can perform this operation while sitting down, using the handle placed on the grass collector.
  • mulching system can be fitted as standard or applied afterwards with the dedicated device. Usually, riding-on mowers with mulching are heavy-duty models, since it is the best cutting system on the market. Mulching riding-on mowers have particular and specific blades to shred the grass, which will be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the lawn. The finely shredded grass will deposit directly on the lawn, quickly decomposing and acting as a fertiliser.

Riding-on mowers: what do you need to know?

Our catalogue features riding-on mowers by the best brands, of different prices depending on personal needs and preferences. Our mower brands stand out for quality and reliability, such as MTD.

Of course, the engine is fundamental for riding-on mowers. In many cases, engine and machine are manufactured by the same brand, in which case the engine is high quality, usually made in China. Renowned brands such as Honda, Kawasaki and Briggs & Stratton are top range and provide high quality, performance and reliability.
As for the type of engine, most riding-on mowers are equipped with petrol engine, even if lithium battery models are gaining popularity.

If you prefer a petrol riding-on mower, pay attention to displacement and power, which change depending on the working surface. Medium displacement mowers with 13 HP single-cylinder engine are suitable for less than 2000 sqm. In case of large gardens, not over 14000 sqm, a higher displacement is recommended, with 22 HP two-cylinder engines.

To choose the best riding-on mower for you, consider the nominal power of the machine. Nominal power is usually proportioned to the machine size, however, higher power is required for larger areas, or if the grass is not cut regularly. Small engines reach up to 10 HP, medium ones from 10 to 13 HP, medium-high sono from 14 to 17 HP, while large engines reach over 18 HP.

How to use the filters

Here you can find a QUICK BUYING GUIDE for riding-on mowers to select, in a few simple steps, the right one for you. In order to do so, we show you how to best use our FILTERS. Remember that there are many options available for each filter.

The first two filters, BRAND and PRICE, are entirely up to you, we will focus on the technical ones.

  • Before purchasing a riding-on mower, you should choose the PRODUCT LEVEL: think about the intensity and frequency of use with which you are going to use your riding-on mower and select a sufficiently high level.
  • MAX. RECOMMENDED SURFACE: the most important filter since it selects the machines suitable for a specific working area.
  • CUTTING WIDTH: this filter is directly linked to the previous one, it indicates the blade size and consequently the area they can cut. Cutting decks under 80 cm are small, from 80 to 100 cm they are medium and over 100 cm they are large;
  • TYPE: it selects the best riding-on mower structure for your needs.
  • DISPLACEMENT and NOMINAL POWER: higher powers are recommended for larger gardens, but also if the grass is not cut regularly or if it is thicker than usual.
  • ENGINE BRAND: it depends on your preferences, however, historical brands always provide quality, reliability and durability, such as Briggs & Stratton or Kawasaki.
  • TRANSMISSION: there are three main types of transmission.
    • Standard mechanical transmission with gears is the most affordable and less practical, even if sturdy and reliable.
    • The automatic transmission is reliable as well, but more versatile since it allows you to change speed while working, without stopping.
    • Hydrostatic transmission is the most expensive and the most reliable thanks ti its hydraulic oil operation and not gear operation. This transmission is more versatile since you can change speed while working. A variant is the 4×4 hydrostatic gearbox, which has the same advantages as the previous one but also allows the riding-on mower to work on slightly steeper slopes.
  • BLADE OPERATION: most riding-on mowers on the market feature the standard mechanical lever activation. Some models feature electromagnetic engagement, the most silent, vibration-free and particularly durable.

Riding-on mowers: choose the right one for you

Using these filters, we can divide riding-on mowers in different categories depending on their features:

Our catalogue also includes a wide range of carts, ramps and other trail accessories for improving the versatility of your riding-on mower.

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