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Electric and Manual Pasta Makers

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Pasta Makers

Pasta Makers

A range of stainless steel machines, excellent for making pasta at home

The electric fresh pasta makers allow you to roll out and cut fresh pasta with extreme ease and without using rolling pins or hand tools to divide the sheets.

Thanks to metal rollers operated either electrically or with a crank handle, these tools make it possible to effortlessly roll out lasagne sheets and - by using the specific pasta cutter attachments - obtain different shapes of long or handmade pasta.

Pasta makers are all equipped with smooth rollers for rolling out the dough, allowing this last to be kneaded and reduce its thickness while providing elasticity.
The cutting rollers finally allow cutting the pasta sheet obtained, creating the desired pasta.

What are their components?

Pasta machines consist of a main unit, to be fixed to a stable surface, such as a table.
An attachment is mounted to the unit where entering the dough to roll out, allowing you to create the desired pasta shape. The dough is then passed through slots which thickness has to be adjusted beforehand using a wheel.

What are the advantages of making pasta with a pasta maker?

Using a special pasta maker allows you to obtain a thin sheet of pasta quickly and easily, without too much effort, as opposed to creating the pasta sheet manually using a rolling pin.
Another advantage of making fresh pasta at home is that you can only use the ingredients you want.
This turns to be very useful, for example, in case of people with coeliac disease or vegans, who may have difficulty finding pasta without gluten or animal derivatives on the market.

All you need for Kitchen work and food processing . A range of over 44 Pasta makers - Dough Sheeters at the best price sale on the online market.
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