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Electric Gravity Domestic Meat Slicer | 220 mm blade

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Meat slicers with 220 mm blade

Affettatrice Elettrica con Lama 220 mm

A range of meat slicers to meet the most varied needs

In this category AgriEuro includes domestic meat slicers with 220 mm blade. These electric meat slicers are compact, mainly suitable for domestic use, except TOP 220 by Celme which is a heavy-duty machine. The most interesting features of these meat slicers are compactness and lightness.
Domestic meat slicers by Ausonia and RGV Mary ranges are suitable for domestic and non-continuous use, particularly for their small size.
They consist of a steel and lacquered aluminium base laccato, with steel blades. Featuring a belt drive, they are easy to clean thanks to a patented system that allows easy disassembly.
Among our products, Ausonia range is the only one, as you can easily tell by the price, assembled in Asia.

You can also find RGV Lusso, Luxor and Olimpia meat slicers, all featuring a 22 cm blade, the ebst compromise between compactness, design and functionality. RGV Lusso, Olimpia and Luxor domestic meat slicers are characterized by quality materials, such as the ventilated motor that prevents overheating and makes the machines quieter, the blade shaft mounted on double bearing and the surfaces that directly touch the food made of glossy anodized aluminium, so as to obtain a hygienic and anticorrosive product.

Olimpic offers two meat slicers from Energy line characterized by robustness and painting - in case of red painting - that makes the machine aesthetically pleasing.
The last brand included is CELME, Italian leading company of heavy-duty meat slicers, with Family, FA and TOP series. The first ones are designed for domestic use, characterized by the materials used and construction quality. These meat slicers are not only compact, but also very robust thanks to the die-cast aluminium used for the structure and all the parts that directly touch the food. The blade in chrome-plated steel with grooves and the high-quality materials make these meat slicers machines of higher quality than the average.
TOP meat slicer by Celme, an electric CE professional machine with 22 cm INOX stainless steel blade, which is capable of withstanding very high workloads, is very different. This product is made of anodized aluminium, the very best metal for this type of products, which guarantees a better durability and resistance to corrosion compared to the other materials used. Celme also offers another guarantee: its CE professional products are entirely made in Italy.
All you need for Kitchen work and food processing . A range of over 20 Meat Slicers - 220 mm blade at the best price sale on the online market.
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