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Electric Gravity Domestic Meat Slicer | 170 mm blade

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Meat Slicers with 170 mm blade.

Meat Slicers with 170 mm blade.

The slicers market today is really wide and huge, offering many models to suit every possible need.

They can vary in colour, design, performance, size and of course price, but the main features that differentiate most models are:

  • The product to be sliced;
  • The machine level, professional or hobby;
  • Cutting modes;
  • Blade size;
  • The bulk, choosing among fixed or foldable models;

Blade size and quality

As already said, the size of the slicer blade is a very important feature to determine the level of these machines, as it affects its performance and the size of the food that can be sliced.
A blade with a very large diameter can cut very large and thick foodstuffs, while one with a small diameter will be limited to smaller foodstuffs.
The diameter then, must necessarily be adequate for the power of the motor, to avoid possible overheating of the machine.
The quality of a good blade is also a fundamental aspect for perfect results. Indeed, a high quality blade must be forged, hardened and chrome-plated, so that it will stay sharpener for years.

Sharpening the slicer correctly

When used continuously and daily, the blade of the machine inevitably loose its sharpness, which is why it is essential to properly sharpen it.
This good maintenance habit allows you to keep the qualities of your machine unchanged over time, and achieve consistently high quality results.
Let’s see how to sharpen the blade correctly:

  • First, the slicer must be disconnected from the power supply;
  • Set the graduated knob to zero and lift up the sharpener;
  • Place the blade between the two grinding wheels of the sharpener;
  • Reconnect the machine to the power supply and press the button corresponding to the slicing wheel for about 8 seconds, repeating the operation if necessary;
  • Screw the sharpener knob back on and return it to its original position.

At the end of this procedure, the sharpener should be removed and the grinding wheels should be cleaned with warm water and possibly a degreasing product to remove any residual dust.

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