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Hand Crank Meat Mincers

Hand Crank Meat Mincers

The practicality of a hand crank meat mincer for home cooking

Hand crank meat mincers represent the perfect choice for frequent grinding of small quantities of meat at home.
These small-sized tools, Made in Italy with a vintage design, are equipped with an adjustable die plate, which can be modified according to the desired result.
With the hand crank meat grinder you will always have freshly minced meat for cooking, with reduced bulk and maximum functionality.
These tools are equipped with a machine body and a ring nut both made in food-grade tin-plated cast iron.
Other components like the blade and the die plate, instead, are entirely made of stainless steel.

How to use a manual meat mincer?

First of all, the mincer must be placed on a solid surface and, if necessary, anchored with the clamping device.
After that, you can start to grind the meat; you have to put just the right amount of meat into the hopper and then start turning the crank to mince it.
A container must then be placed in front of the mincer's discharge opening, to collect the meat without waste.

How they are composed:

Manual meat mincers are generally composed of:

  • A cast-iron body;
  • The blades, mounted inside the body, which mince the meat;
  • An anchoring system, to securely lock the machine;
  • A crank, to engage the blades;
  • An opening from which the meat comes out once minced.

Their cleaning:

Meat mincers are machines full of small crevices where meat can get stuck. To avoid small residues remaining into the machine for too long, causing hygienic and functional problems, it is important to carry out a correct and systematic cleaning of all components.
In fact, it is recommended to clean the mincer after every use, preferably disassembling it piece by piece.
For cleaning, simply rub a sponge with detergent and rinse thoroughly with water, repeating the operation if necessary.

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