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Heavy-duty Electric Battery-powered Pruning Shears

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Battery-powered electric pruning shears

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Battery-powered electric shears: what is the best?

Agrieuro offers a wide range of battery-powered electric pruning shears , tools of exceptional power and productivity that can be equipped with either a large capacity backpack battery or single built-in batteries. The battery-powered electric pruning shears allow you to make the cut without the slighest effort and the pruning time is extremely short. Warning!!! The pruning shears have to be used only for pruning fresh branches. Their functionality on dry branches is not guaranteed.

According to the required operations, on olive tree groves, orchards or vineyards, you can choose the model of professional electric pruning shears which best suit your needs.
The types of pruning shears in this section vary from hobby to industrial level and can be specific both for orchards and vineyards. Furthermore, they can also be fixed on pole, with a 18 - 50 mm max. cutting diameter.

Battery-powered electric prunig shears: what are the main models?

We can divide the electric shears in 4 main categories:

  • Electric pruning shears with built-in battery:

    These models are cordless and operate simply charging the batteries supplied, which are often more than one. Thanks to the lightness of the shears with built-in battery and their ease of use, pruning operations will be effortless for the Operator. In fact, the batteries supplied are small and can be recharged in a few hours. Autonomy, which usually does not exceed 4 hours per battery, is offset by the supply of several batteries.

    The best electric pruning shears with built-in battery that AgriEuro offers are:

  • Semi-professional electric pruning shears with backpack battery:

    Regarded as the top of the range, in this category we'll find ideal products for those who are looking for a battery-powered electric pruning shear with a longer working autonomy. The price/quality ratio is very high, as these semi-professional products are highly-performing. The batteries supplied have enough amperage to allow you working for at least a day without having to stop to recharge or change batteries.

  • Professional electric pruning shears with backpack battery:

    This category includes the highest-performing models of electric pruners on the global market, thanks to their building materials and cutting widths. They are ideal for those who are looking for high performances and reliability over time. The batteries included in the kits with the shears are often compatible with other products, allowing you to use them for other products and save money.

    The best electric pruning shears with backpack battery that AgriEuro offers are:

  • Battery-powered electric pruning shears on telescopic pole:

    The pruning shears in this category are ideal for working at great heights without the need for ladders or other supports. In fact, it is possible to prune comfortably from the ground. Furthermore, many of these models are equipped with a telescopic pole that also allows adjusting the working heigth. The batteries are conveniently housed in the supplied backpack, allowing you to distribute the weight and have sufficient autonomy for the entire day.

    The best battery-powered electric pruning shears with telescopic pole that AgriEuro offers are:

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