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Battery-powered pruning shears on extension pole

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Battery-powered Electric Pruning Shears on Extension Pole

Forbici Elettriche a Batteria con Asta di Prolunga

When is it useful to purchase electric pruning shears on extension pole?

Electric pruning shears on extension pole are ideal to operate on high trees without using uncomfortable ladders. In fact, you can comfortably prune from the ground, since many models are equipped with telescopic pole that also allows you to adjust the working height.

Batteries are conveniently placed on the supplied backpack, so as to balance weight and have enough running time for the entire day.

Why chose a model with extension pole?

The use of pruning tools with an extension pole ensures countless advantages to the operator during cutting operations.
Indeed, it prevents from using dangerous ladders or elevators, which often rest on steep and uneven ground, where accidents and falls are very likely.
An extension pole also allows better cutting performance on the highest and hardest-to-reach branches, where manual operations would be difficult and unpractical.

Filters useful for the purchase:

Here are the main category filters to use when buying the model of battery-powered electric pruning shears on extension pole that best suits your needs:

  • VOLTAGE: Our on-line catalogue includes several models with different voltages, ranging from 14 V to 50.4 V.
  • AMPERES: Different voltages ranging from 2Ah up to 8.7Ah are also available.
  • WEIGHT: An important feature for the product comfort and convenience of use.
    Lighter models are available from 700 g up to the heaviest 4600 g.
  • MAXIMUM CUTTING DIAMETER: Another very important feature when choosing the most suitable tool. The catalogue offers models for cutting branches and shrubs ranging from a diameter of 28 mm up to 50 mm.
  • EXTENSION POLE LENGHT: Means the length of the extension pole that allows you to reach the highest and hardest-to-reach branches.
    The poles available ranges from 80 cm to 290 cm.

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