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Tractor-mounted furrowers

Agricultural machine for soil operation

The tractor-mounted furrower is employed to work soil that has already been loosened, ploughed and tilled with a plough. In fact, the shape of the ploughshare allows working on broken ground; it is not suitable for compact, unbroken terrain.
Its purpose is to create a furrow in the soil where seeds or seedlings can be placed. At the furrows' side, this creates small mounds of soil that can be reused to backfill crops.


By using a furrower, you can enjoy several advantages such as

  • The creation of precise and neat furrows;
  • Saving a lot of time as opposed to manual processing;
  • Organise the land to your own preference.

Their structure

Tractor-mounted furrowers feature sturdy metal frame and 3-point hitch so that the machine can be easily attached to the tractor.
At the bottom, there are ploughshares, i.e. V-shaped tools, which can easily dig into the ground when moving the tractor. Furrowers can mount one, but also two or three, depending on the model and its level of use.

The importance of proper soil cultivation

The use of a furrower is associated with all soil tillage for the preparation or recovery of the soil from the sowing period.
In fact, sowing is preceded and followed by precise procedures that help crops to develop properly and the soil to always be adequately ready to receive new plants.
First, ploughing is carried out, i.e. soil breaking after a period of non-cultivation of the soil.
After this first stage, there is the aeration of the soil and the removal of debris and weeds that have grown during the period of non-use, thus allowing the soil to more effectively absorb all the nutrients it needs.
With soft, loose soil, it is then possible to use the furrower, so that the various crops to be planted can be properly organised and arranged.

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