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Heavy-duty pressure washers | 150-200 bar

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Heavy-duty Pressure Washers (150-180 bar)

Heavy-duty pressure washers are suitable for professionals in various fields where high pressure and flow rates are required, such as construction sites, agricultural and livestock sectors, where high flow rates are important. In general, these machines are suitable for all professional situations where maximum performance combined with high reliability is required. Perfect for intensive and continuous use, without overheating or power loss problems, which could occur with lower level machines. These pressure washers are also equipped with high operating pressure and high flow rate, enough to best perform most domestic jobs.
Depending on your needs - and on the working environment, you can choose between machines with single-phase motor and others - more powerful - with three-phase motor.

Here you can find a QUICK GUIDE to FILTERS to quickly and effectively select the best product for you. The first two filters, BRAND and PRICE, are entirely up to you, so let's focus on the most technical ones.

  • First thing you need to consider is the PRODUCT LEVEL: in this section you can choose, according to your needs, products with a very high washing capacity;
  • TYPE: you can find portable pressure washers, small but very powerful, ideal for transport and use in construction sites. You can also find the classic and popular wheeled pressure washers, very easy to transport, and those on cart, i.e. with sturdy tubular steel cart and maxi wheels. Wall-mounted models are very performing, for wall mounting on a fixed location. The latter are suitable for those who need to work in the same area of the house all the time;
  • PRESSURE: is the most immediate expression of the power and cleaning capacity of the pressure washer; in this category, pressure washers feature HIGH pressure, between 150 and 200 bar;
  • FLOW RATE: often overlooked, it is more important than pressure itself because it best expresses the real washing capacity of the pressure washer; machines with high flow rate have a much stronger jet and can clean much deeper than those with a limited flow rate; it is measured in litres of water per minute. In this category you can find machines with medium, 8 or 9 lt/m., high, 10 or 11 lt/m. or very high flow rate, 12lt/m. and beyond;
  • MOTOR POWER: there is not much to say about this information, since it is directly proportional to the above two data, that is PRESSURE and FLOW RATE. The higher these are, the more powerful the electric motor will be; please check carefully this information to avoid choosing a pressure washer with powers and absorptions that exceed the current power available in the domestic supply contract (most often 3 KW);
  • ROTATION SPEED: the lower it is, the higher the quality and durability of the pump; those with a rotation of 1450 rpm are therefore the pressure washers with the best pumping unit;
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: only useful on heavy-duty pressure washers, therefore, it is not very useful in this category. In fact, here you can find single-phase machines, the most powerful models reach a maximum pressure of 160 bar. It would not be much useful to reduce water pressure, further limiting the performance of the pressure washer. This would only have the unnecessary effect of lengthening the washing time, as the maximum pressure of these machines would not damage even the most delicate surfaces;
  • HEAD MATERIAL : this filter is fundamental to identify one of the most important qualities of the product; plastic (N-Cor) heads are affordable, aluminium heads are medium level, while brass heads are the most long-lasting and resistant to high pressure, since it is one of the most strong and hard metals. This significantly affects the life of the pump itself;
  • the other filters, HOSE REEL; DETERGENT TANK, ROTATING NOZZLE LANCE , are extra feature, of which some models are equipped and some are not and we leave the choice to the custumer.We stll advise to have all three of them the hose reel facilitates the collection of the hose and an easy storage, the detergent tank because in some jobs and on some surfaces it can enhance the performance of the pressure washer the same as therotating nozzle lance , even if it's just with a different washing system (concentrating the water flow on one specific point, which the rotating nozzle moves quickly)

All you need for Indoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 60 HEAVY-DUTY Pressure Washers (150-200 bar) at the best price sale on the online market.
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