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Small home pressure washers | 100-140 bar

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Small and portable pressure washers (100-140 bar)

Small pressure washers are machines suitable for occasional use, such as domestic jobs. Therefore, they are ideal to wash small cars, motorcycles, bicycles, outdoor spaces or garden equipment. In fact, they feature low operating pressure and low flow rate, still enough to best perform the type of work of an amateur pressure washer. The special features of these machines are handling, easy transport and ease of use.

We will now provide you with a QUICK GUIDE to the FILTERS in the column below to help you to carry out a quick selection, to pinpoint the specific model that fits your needs.The firs two filters,BRAND and PRICE , are subjective and therefore we can't give any advise on such, so we will focus directly on the following, so technical ones (we rimind you that for each you can carry out a double selection).
  • The first thing to evaluate is the PRODUCT LEVEL : in this case the filter has a relative relevance. It is,as said previously, of a category in composed by domestic use products, so by definition they are limited or for hobby use;
  • TYPE: we can range from portable models , which ahave compact and light shapes, easy to be loaded in the trunk of a car and take up minimum space, to che classic and famous ones pressure washers with wheels to keep in the garage;
  • PRESSURE:this data expressess immediatly the power and the capacity of the pressure washer; in this category the pressure washers have a low pressure, up to 110 bar and in some cases medium , from 120 to 140 bar. There are presents some models with an higher pressure, but it is important to know that that level is reached only when the lance is activated, and that it tends to decrease;
  • WATER FLOW: This data is often overlooked, but it should be considered more than pressure, because it is the value that absolutely determins the washing capacity of the pressure washer; the machines with an high flow have a bigger jet and wash much more; this is measured in liters of water per minute. In this category of pressure washers the majority of pressure washers have a water flow considered low : 6 o 7 lt/m.
  • MOTOR POWER: there is no much to say about this information, since it is directly proportional to the above two data, that is PRESSURE and FLOW RATE. The higher these are, the more powerful the electric motor will be;
  • HEAD MATERIAL : this filter is fundamental to identify one of the most important qualities of the product; the head made of plastic (N-Cor) is affordable, the aluminium head is medium level. This significantly affects the life of the pump itself;
  • The remaining filters, HOSE REEL, DETERGENT TANK and LANCE WITH ROTATING NOZZLE, are additional equipment, some of which fitted as standard equipment in certain pressure washer models and some not. However, we recommend all three, since the hose reel helps you rewind and store the hose, while the detergent tank can greatly extend the cleaning power of the high-pressure cleaner, as well as the lance with rotating nozzle. This concentrates all the water flow on a single point.

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