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Semi-professional pressure washers | 130-180 bar

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The semi-professional are destined for a private use but with great perfomances and high quality. They are machines ideal for a non too frequent use. For example: washing big cars, motocycles, patios and garden tools. They are equipped with an high functioning pressures and an high water flow, more than sufficient for domestic works. It is important to remember that the pressure washers in this category have very high performances, but compared to the professional or heavy-duty ones they are not apt for continuous use.
We will now give you a BRIEF GUIDE for the FILTERS in the column below to help you to carry out a quick selection, to pinpoint the specific model that fits your needs.The firs two filters,BRAND and PRICE , are subjective and therefore we can't give any advise on such, so we will focus directly on the following, so technical ones (we rimind you that for each you can carry out a double selection).
  • The first thing to evaluate is the PRODUCT LEVEL : in this case the filter has a relative relevance. It is,as said previously, of a category in composed by domestic use products, so by definition they are limited or for hobby usei;
  • TYPE: we can range from pressure washers with wheels , easy to transport or the wall pressure washers to keep fixed on a wall ;
  • PRESSURE:this data expressess immediatly the power and the capacity of the pressure washer; in this category the pressure washers have a HIGH pressure, between 140 and 160 bar or VERY HIGH , between 160 and 200 bar. As far as the models with very high pressure it is important to remember that their performances are great, but should not be used continuously;
  • WATER FLOW: This data is often overlooked, but it should be considered more than pressure, because it is the value that absolutely determins the washing capacity of the pressure washer; the machines with an high flow have a bigger jet and wash much more; this is measured in liters of water per minute. In this category of pressure washers the majority of pressure washers have a water flow considered medium : 8 o 9 lt/m. or high 10 or 11 L/min.
  • MOTOR POWER: it is a data on which we don't dwell, because, generally it is proportioned to the two data above: pressure & water flow (the bigger they are the bigger is the power). We simply adivice to check carefully this data in order to avoid buying a pressure washer which consuption is higher than your domestic electricity contract (most of the times it equals 3 KW);
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR : This regulator only make sense on professional pressure washer. It utility is superfluous. The machines in this category all have a single-phase motor, even the most powerful models reach a maximum of 160 bar in pressure. It would not make muche sense to regulate the pressure reducing it and lowering the performances of the pressure washer. This would just add use time, since that the pressure would not even damage the delicate surfaces;
  • HEAD MATERIAL : this filter is of fundamental importance to find one of the most important qualitative features of the pump; the head in plastic (N-Cor) is cheap, the heand in alluminum is medium level, the brass head is the most resistant to high pressure (brass is one of the hardest metals in nature).This influences significantly the duration of the pump itself;
  • the other filters, HOSE REEL; DETERGENT TANK, ROTATING NOZZLE LANCE , are extra feature, of which some models are equipped and some are not and we leave the choice to the custumer.We stll advise to have all three of them the hose reel facilitates the collection of the hose and an easy storage, the detergent tank because in some jobs and on some surfaces it can enhance the performance of the pressure washer the same as therotating nozzle lance , even if it's just with a different washing system (concentrating the water flow on one specific point, which the rotating nozzle moves quickly)

All you need for Indoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 85 SEMI-PROFESSIONAL pressure washers (130-180 bar) at the best price sale on the online market.
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