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2-Stroke Chainsaws ► For Pruning or Cutting

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2-Stroke Chainsaws

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When are 2-stroke chainsaws useful?

2-stroke chainsaws are the most popular and used both by professionals and amateurs for tree pruning, felling and cutting.
In fact, 2-stroke engines offer high torque, together with the versatility and running time that only this kind of machines can provide. Of course, they weigh more and require higher maintenance compared to corded and battery-powered chainsaws.

2-stroke chainsaws are powered exclusively by 2-stroke engines, since 4-stroke engines would only increase the weight and the chain would have lower rpm.
First thing you need to consider is the type of chainsaw you need:

  • chainsaw for cutting
  • chainsaw for pruning 

The first category includes machines with longer bars, higher power and two-hand grip.
The second includes machines with short or special carving bars, lower weight and the possibility of holding the machine with one hand.

The next thing you need to consider is the power of the chainsaw, expressed in horsepower (HP). ower is proportional to displacement, in fact we divided the machines for displacement type and range:

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