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Electric Chainsaws (230V)

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Electric Chainsaws

Motoseghe elettriche;

When is an electric chainsaw useful?

 Electric chainsaws are mostly suitable for domestic use, unlike classic 2-stroke chainsaws. In fact, they are lighter and need low maintenance.

You can operate an electric chainsaw by simply connecting it to a power socket, working with maximum freedom. If electric current is available nearby, an electric chainsaw is more convenient for its simplicity of use, that makes it suitable even for beginners.

The brands that you can find here, McCulloch, Hitachi, Zomax and Blue Bird, feature models that differ for motor power and bar length. These are two main features to consider when choosing an electric chainsaw. However, long bar does not always mean better tool: if you need to cut woods for your stove, for example, you will find a shorter bar handier.

Components are extremely important: some electric chainsaws share some components with more powerful chainsaws, such as the clutch bell, which make them suitable even for most demanding jobs. All safety systems available, and cutting power - for domestic firewood - is adequate to the need.

Electric chainsaws: explore our catalogue

Agrieuro offers a wide range of electric chainsaws, choose the best for you:

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