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Heavy-duty 2-Stroke Chainsaws ► Displacement from 50 to 60 cc

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Large Heavy-duty Chainsaws for Cutting (50 - 60 cc)

Large chainsaws for cutting (50 - 60 cc) are designed for professionals who need a quality tool, powerful and reliable for heavy jobs such as felling operations and land clearing. You can find two brands in this category: IBEA and McCulloch.

IBEA heavy-duty chainsaws for cutting are heavy-duty machines to cut, limb and prune medium-stemmed trees. They have great power and an unusual lightness, given their category. Very popular among professionals, always ensuring a fast and easy cut.

McCulloch heavy-duty chainsaws for cutting are probably the most popular. This manufacturer, part of the Husqvarna group, produces excellent chainsaws both mechanically and for their equipment provided on standard. Many models are equipped with a quick chain tensioner which allows, without any tool or key, to tension the chain by simply turning a screw. The machine body has a very effective anti-vibration system, with a spring system that reduces hand fatigue. The casing is easily removable for checking and cleaning. The large-sized air filter has a suction system that allows it to stay clean longer, so it can provide the engine with fresh air for working. Easy start technology on every McCulloch chainsaw engine allows an easier starting, with less fatigue. All McCulloch heavy-duty chainsaws for cutting operations are high-quality machines, with an outstanding selection of accessories and unparalleled value for money. Built in the Husqvarna factory in Sweden, the engine technology and geometry of these chainsaws is truly professional; suitable for extremely intensive use.
All you need for Wood cutting and processing . A range of over 10 Large Heavy-duty Chainsaws for Cutting (50 - 60 cc) at the best price sale on the online market.
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