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Above-ground pools

Above-ground pools

Above-ground pools are a valuable ally when it comes to fight the heat and stuffiness during the summer. They are the quickest and easiest solution for owning a swimming pool in your garden, as they are simple to install and easy to store for the winter.

What considering before purchase?

Let’s see what are the main features to consider before purchasing above-ground pools.

  • Structure: These types of pools are designed to make assembly and disassembly as easy as possible. They can be either with a load-bearing frame, i.e. with small steel tubes that are fixed to the ground and support the outdoor pool, usually made of PVC, or inflatable, i.e. with inflatable edges that allow the pool to support itself once filled with water;
  • Size: The choice of their size must first be assessed on the basis of the free space available. The dimensions are standard and fixed, ranging from 2x3 metres for the smallest cases, up to 14x7 metres;
  • Shape: Closely related to size, the various shapes are also an important choice to be made depending on the available space;
  • Filtering pump: Filtering pumps are important accessories to keep the pool water clean and clear throughout its use.

Suitable surfaces

The surfaces on which they are placed must also be suitable to meet the support requirements. First, you must choose a space with a flat, levelled surface to avoid damage to the pool structure.
Unsuitable surfaces upon which mount a swimming pool are muddy, sandy and gravelly ones, due to their precarious stability
As they are generally mounted in the garden, it is important that there are no plants or weeds growing up that could puncture their structure and covering.

Maintenance and cleaning tips

Assuming that the maintenance for this category of pools is very low, there are small precautions to follow for proper care and management:

  • First of all, you must always use certified chemicals for cleaning and then make sure that the filter system works properly;
  • At the end of the day, it is important to cover it with a covering sheet and avoid installing it on attics or terraces;
  • However,in order to keep the pool water clean at all times, it is important to apply chlorine regularly, to check the Ph level periodically, and to clean the pool from leaves or insects by means of leaf collectors or bottom cleaners;
  • Operate the purification system for at least six hours a day.


Above-ground pools become the best alternative in the case of gardens of limited size. Below, there are the main advantages of this pool category:

  • As mentioned, it makes it possible to have a swimming pool even in confined spaces;
  • They can be easily assembled and disassembled and also carried to other locations;
  • They do not require special authorisations or invasive works, allowing reduced construction costs and timescales.

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