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Garden Tillers Maximum Tine Width 90 cm

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Garden Tillers: for tillage and soil care

Garden Tillers

Garden Tiller: what is its function?

The garden tiller is the perfect machine for agricultural workers who need to hoe or till their vegetable garden, being it small or large.

Using garden tillers allows you to work the soil clearly and with great precision: it will also be possible to go over the same spot over and over again to get optimum tilling of your field.

The garden tiller is a very widespread agricultural machine, essential to carry out milling operations on very firm and less well-kept soils, on land that has not been worked for long periods of time, or even uncultivated land.

Garden tillers: what are the types to choose from?

Garden tillers are divided according to the type of engine:

  • Battery-powered
  • Electric motor
  • Petrol (small, medium and heavy series)
  • Diesel (heavy series)

The reasons for choosing one of these garden tillers are as folllows:

  • Battery-powered Garden Tillers

    A machine capable of performing at the same level as electric power tillers; modern battery-powered garden tillers offer outstanding efficiency, and allow you to work without the need for an electric cable or near a power socket. However, you will need to check the battery level before starting the work, and unlike petrol or diesel models, they do not require any special maintenance. They are compact and handy tools suitable for working on small surfaces of land such as flower beds and small vegetable gardens/gardens and require a soft and not stony ground.

  • 230V Electric Garden Tillers

    Electric garden tillers (also known as electric tillers) are powered by a 230V electric motor which must be connected to a power outlet via an extension cable. Similarly to battery-powered garden tillers, these are small and compact machines suitable for small vegetable gardens. They also do not require engine maintenance like petrol models.

  • Petrol Garden Tillers:

    Garden tillers equipped with petrol engine guarantee high power and excellent performance. Tilling deep into the ground requires an enormous amount of energy that can be easily delivered by a petrol engine. The petrol-powered garden tiller requires regular maintenance of the engine and its components. Other necessary operations are cleaning the petrol filter and changing the engine oil at least once a year.

  • Diesel Garden Tillers

    Heavy series diesel garden tillers are powerful machines for professional purposes that combine the excellence of a diesel engine with the robustness of the transmission made entirely with gears in oil bath. In general, a diesel-powered garden tiller is worth choosing because of its durability over time, despite intensive use, and because it is a machine that is always ready for use even after long periods of inactivity. Among the many advantages that a diesel-powered garden tiller has to offer, are low consumption and a very smooth operation of the equipment. These are perfect products for working on extensive, hard and never tilled soils.

The differences between garden tillers and two-wheeled tractors

What's the difference between a garden tiller and a two-wheeled tractor? And which one is more convenient? Basically, both machines have a similar function: they crush the soil to prepare it for sowing or fertilizing. However, although both machines have the same function, they possess very different characteristics, starting from the machine structure itself to the engine power.

Generally, garden tillers are not equipped with rear wheels, unlike two-wheeled tractors; the latter generally mount larger and more powerful engines, which is why they require a greater stability and support than garden tillers in order to improve the machine’s maneuverability. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that there are garden tillers equipped with pneumatic wheels, that can be mounted in place of tines, or with front transfer wheels which facilitate the movement and storage of the machine.

Normally, a garden tiller is smaller compared to a two-wheeled tractor, but this does not necessarily mean a greater machine practicality. It is perfect for tilling deep into the ground, but its use is very demanding since, with an uneven ground, the tiller will have to be steered manually relying only on the strength of the arms of the operator. On the other hand, the two-wheeled tractor works more on the surface than the garden tiller and, thanks to its wheels, wastes less physical energy.

The garden tiller is well suited to working on small plots of land, whereas a two-wheeled tractor is more suitable for larger areas.

Why choose a garden tiller

Since the garden tiller is smaller than a two-wheeled tractor, it is more manoeuvrable and proves to be excellent for tilling narrow areas; moreover, it can work on even inaccessible areas and, compared to a two-wheeled tractor, it carries out a much more accurate tillage. Finally, as regards the price of these machines, if you compare a garden tiller with a two-wheeled tractor model, the motor powers being equal, the garden tiller has a much more affordable purchase price.

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