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Home Floor Cleaners - Electric Brooms

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Home Floor Cleaners

Home Floor Cleaners - Electric Brooms

A household appliance that is now increasingly popular, thanks to the spread of lightweight and efficient models that facilitate daily cleaning operations thanks to their different functions, like vacuum, washing and floor-drying. Our catalogue offers models of floor sweepers with different functions respectively: Floor Scrubber Dryers with Roller, Disc Floor Scrubber Dryers, Steam Mops and Carpet Cleaners.

Water or Steam scrubber driers?

If you decide to buy a scrubber dryer, it is also important to determine whether to choose a water or a steam model.
Water scrubber driers vacuum and wash surfaces as they pass through. Further to washing, the water also helps to purify the air that enters the appliance along with the dust.
Dirt particles are trapped inside the tank and the air that comes out is purer and cleaner.
Steam cleaners, on the other hand, offer a greater guarantee in terms of hygiene.
Thanks to the high temperature, steam is able to eliminate the vast majority of germs and bacteria, ensuring clean and sanitised surfaces.
They also allow avoiding to use chemical detergents.


While the absence of the standard collection bag allows considerable savings over time, as it does not have to be replaced as needed, the presence of a tank requires more attention in terms of maintenance.
Indeed, the tank features a less capacity than collection bags and need to be cleaned frequently.
The vacuum filter has to be cleaned frequently too. With a dirt tank and a clogged filter suction results would be very bad, also resulting in poor cleaning and bad smells.

Purchase guide:

Here is a guide to read before purchasing a scrubber dryer about the correct use of the different filters on our catalogue:

  • THE EQUIPMENT: The accessories included may vary from models with roller brushes, disc brushes or with 2-disc brushes.
  • MANUFACTURER: Our catalogue includes the highest quality manufacturers on the market, such as Bissell and Kärcher.
  • BRUSH WIDTH: This filter indicates the width of the brush mounted on the machine, with models equipped with a 25 cm brush, up to models with a 41 cm brush.
  • DETERGENT TANK CAPACITY: Indicates the capacity of the tank with water and detergent.
  • RCOVERY TANK CAPACITY: Indicates the capacity of the tank with dirt water.

All you need for Indoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 19 Home Floor Cleaners - Electric Brooms at the best price sale on the online market.
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