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Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaners

For cleaning enthusiasts, a carpet cleaning machine will be ideal for professionally washing carpets and upholstery effectively.

What considering before purchase?

Carpet cleaners can also be bulky machines, so it is essential to choose models with features that make it possible to manoeuvre them even in the hardest-to-reach spaces.
Here is a short list of the main features to consider:

  • THE ACCESSORIES: Very important to take fully advantage of the machine;
  • FLOATING BRUSH: Models with rotary and floating brushes can remove dirt more effectively than machines with fixed brushes;

  • LARGE TANK: The larger the cleaning tank, the less often it will be necessary to refill for cleaning;
  • LONG TUBE: A sufficiently long suction hose makes it easier to reach the narrowest spaces.

Vacuum Cleaners or Carpet Cleaners?

Vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners are very often confused for their similar intended use, but they are actually completely different machines.
Vacuum cleaners vacuum up dirt and solid particles, while carpet cleaners are designed for deeper and more thorough cleaning, which includes washing, rinsing, scrubbing and cleaning with liquid detergents.
Therefore, vacuum cleaners don’t employ water or detergents, for a dry cleaning that can make the carpet or rug look fresher and cleaner.

How do Carpet Cleaners work?

Carpet cleaning machines use water to clean the carpet, together with liquid cleaning solutions or a shampoo.
The brushes rotate at high speed to loosen the dirt.
The water and different detergents are placed in a dedicated tank, resulting in a deep and thorough cleaning. The machine then removes the shampoo and dries the carpet surface immediately afterwards.

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