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Hard Floor Cleaners with roller brush

Hard Floor Cleaners with roller brush

Hard floor cleaners with roller brush take this name from their operation, which consists of a wet roller brush and dirt water collection system.
This system exploits the action of rollers wet by soapy water contained in a special tank.
The quickly rotating rollers wash the surfaces vigorously and effectively, the dirty water is then collected by the vacuum system and stored in another tank.
Modern models on the market also feature a vacuum function with or without water, so that to completely clean the surface in a single pass. However, it is always recommended to remove the large amount of dirt with a dedicated vacuum cleaner before using an hard floor cleaner.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Here is a list of pros and cons to consider before purchasing one of these appliances:

  • Rollers ensure thorough cleaning of all hard surfaces and even tile joints;
  • A great operation time, as it is easy to refill both the dirt water tank and replace the rollers;
  • A high quality/price ratio;

On the downside, however, there are some cons regarding its ease of use: these machines find it hard to clean close to walls, and more generally in tight spaces, as they require space to be manoeuvred and are quite noisy.

Extra features:

Their technology and additional features add a further aspect to consider for choosing the most suitable model for your needs:

  • The tanks: Their greater capacity will also directly increase the working autonomy. This is a leading indicator of whether the appliance you are purchasing is suitable for the surface you’ll be use it on;
  • Use of warm water into the tank: All models of floor cleaners allow entering hot water into the tank, but only some of them heat it to the ideal temperature;
  • LED icons: The most modern models are equipped with LED lights and icons to indicate the level of clean water in the tank, any obstructions and the battery life.

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