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Medium-series Tractor-mounted Rotary Tillers – with Mechanical Shift

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Medium Series Tractor-mounted Rotary Tillers with Mechanical Shift

Zappatrici per Trattore Medie con Spostamento Meccanico

A range of medium series tractor-mounted rotary tillers, at the best quality-price ratio

Tractor rotary tillers in this category belong to the medium series and are equipped with convenient mechanical screw shift, easily operated by a crank handle. Three widths available (132 cm, 150 cm and 168 cm) and a weight ranging from 245 up to 275 kg depending on the model.

In contrast to classic tractor rotary tillers with fixed hitch, medium series models with mechanical shift can be operated sideways to the tractor, especially in vineyards, orchards and olive groves, obtaining better results since the machine can come closer to the plants.

These medium rotary tillers with mechanical shift are equipped with a medium-sized, sturdy structure which makes them suitable for medium-heavy jobs, recommended for tractors ranging from 25 HP up to a maximum of 55 HP. The high technical level of these tractor rotary tillers, their efficiency, sturdiness of structure and materials are qualities obtained from design to implementation phase, which is entirely carried out in Italy.

The lower rotor is reinforced and it is equipped with 6 hoes per flange, so as to crumble the soil extremely finely. The cardan shaft is fitted as standard (included in the price), but all medium series models are equipped with clutch device (integrated on the cardan shaft) which protects the machine from impacts with stones or other material.

All you need for Soil tilling and land care – Tractor-mounted agricultural machines . A range of over 3 Medium Series Tractor-mounted Rotary Tillers with Mechanical Shift at the best price sale on the online market.
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